To address the sagging effect of skin in the long-term people opt for minimally invasive procedures such as Ponytail Facelift in Lahore, Gujranwala & Pakistan. This involves the dramatic lifting of skin that gets droopy due to aging and sometimes due to excessive weight loss. The phenomenal steps of this procedure involve making small incisions and then lifting the skin to the desired position. It not only recovers fast but also looks natural without scars and any visible incision points.

Ideal Candidate:

A thorough understanding of the goal and necessity of this therapy is necessary in order to be a good candidate for this surgery. This is as minimally invasive as any other facelifts, but instead of using threads, it requires making a little incision behind the ears or in other discreet places on the face. The Ponytail Facelift is the ideal choice for people with mild to moderate facial sagging who want to improve their appearance without having a full facelift. Candidates must be in generally great health and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the surgery.

Pre Procedure:

  • Tell your surgeon about any allergies, drugs, or pre-existing medical issues.
  • Give up smoking at least two weeks before the treatment in order to promote faster healing and lower the chance of problems.
  • As directed by your surgeon, stop taking vitamins and drugs that thin the blood.
  • To aid in healing, drink plenty of water and eat a well-balanced diet high in vitamins and minerals.
  • Talk about your expectations for the treatment, your medical history, and your cosmetic aspirations.


Surgeons ensure a personalized and fulfilling experience by carefully collaborating with each patient to understand their goals. Many patients express great pleasure with the Ponytail Facelift, praising its short recovery period and natural-looking outcomes.


  • After arriving at the clinic, the patient fills out any required papers.
  • The surgeon gets final consent, evaluates the treatment plan, and answers any last-minute queries.
  • To make sure the patient is comfortable throughout the treatment, a local anesthetic is given.
  • The expert will carefully place incisions behind the ears or within the hairline to leave the least amount of scars.
  • The doctor targets the neck, jawline, and midface to get a natural-looking outcome while lifting and realigning facial tissues using sophisticated procedures.
  • Sutures are used to carefully seal incisions to promote healing.


  • When you’re outside, wear high-SPF sunscreen and limit your time in the sun.
  • Notify your surgeon of any unexpected symptoms or worries as soon as possible.
  • Adhere to the directions on prescription drugs, such as antibiotics and painkillers.
  • As directed by your surgeon, follow a mild washing regimen for your face.
  • Return to regular activities gradually; don’t lift anything heavy until your surgeon gives the all-clear.
  • Raise your head when you sleep to help with edema reduction.
  • Observe the scar care guidelines supplied and keep wounds away from excessive moisture.
  • Use ice packs as instructed to lessen bruises and swelling.
  • While you’re recovering, cut back on your alcohol consumption and give up smoking.
  • To aid with recovery, have a balanced diet and stay hydrated.
  • Keep all of your surgeon’s planned follow-up appointments.
  • For the first few days, make sure you get enough sleep and steer clear of demanding activities.


  • Enhances facial features naturally without giving off the “pulled” look that certain conventional facelifts are known for.
  • The less intrusive aspect of the surgery usually allows patients to return to their normal routines sooner.
  • it is customized to the unique face structure of every person, guaranteeing ideal and unique outcomes.
  • Without requiring a complete facelift, advanced procedures provide a targeted lift of the neck, jawline, and midface.
  • lifts and realigns drooping facial tissues to provide the illusion of greater youthfulness.
  • The refreshed look frequently results in higher self-esteem and better mental health.
  • Perfect for those with mild to severe face sagging, offering a focused remedy for certain issues.


The cost of this procedure ranges from Rs 1234 to Rs 1234 depending upon multiple factors such as the condition of the client’s face if it is less droopy then it will cost less and vice versa, the clinic location, standards and services, and at last the expertise of the cosmetic surgeons performing this specific procedure to your face. It is recommended to have a consultation with experts to know if you need this procedure as well as how much it will cost to address your specific requirements from this procedure.

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Cosmetic procedures are not a concern of aesthetic needs but also it is important to stay safe and sound with the alteration you need to have with your body. This is why it is advised to have your procedures done with expert cosmetic surgeons who guarantee the results. Glamorous Clinic is known for its procedure, and the guaranteed results followed by its clients without risks and side effects. Ensure your safety for Ponytail Facelift in Lahore, Gujranwala & Pakistan with us and get expected outcomes at minimum downtime.

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