Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost

People can develop acne due to various reasons and they are upset because of the acne scars left after it. The acne marks also damage the complexion of a person and may lower their confidence in the person. If acne scars and acne marks are your concern then Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad & Pakistan is here to save you. This treatment helps to break the bands formed due to acne and which has caused skin depression.Β 

There are other various treatments for acne scars such as micro-needling, chemical peels, and PRP, but it is best to consult the dermatologist before choosing any type of treatment.

What is Subcision?

Subcision is considered as a safe and effective treatment in which the dermatologist removes the area affected with acne scars. This also helps in collagen production and boosts the healing process. It also improves the skin complexion and smoothes out the skin texture. Glamorous Clinic has the best dermatologist who will analyse your skin and will perform the Subcision treatment. You should not worry about the pain because the skin care expert will make sure that you are comfortable during the whole process. Sometimes this treatment is combined with other cosmetic treatments to get the best-desired results.

Types of Scars Treated by Subcision Treatment:

This treatment can be used to treat a variety of acne scars as well as other types of scars. Following are some types of scars that can be treated by Subcision treatment:

  • Depressed acne scars
  • Rolling scars
  • Boxcar scars
  • Tethered acne scars
  • Keloid scars
  • Injury scars
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Minor surgery scars

Results of Subcision for Acne Scars:

The results of the treatment are permanent. You will notice the results after a few weeks when the skin will heal properly. To get the desired results, you will need to undergo all the follow-up sessions. The skin tone and texture will start improving over time and you will love the results.

subcision treatment for acne scars Clinic in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia  subcision-treatment-for-acne-scars-in-Saudi-Arabia  Best-subcision-treatment-for-acne-scars-Clinic-in-Saudi-Arabia-Riyadh

Best subcision treatment for acne scars in Saudi Arabia subcision treatment for acne scars in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Best subcision treatment for acne scars in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Ideal Candidate:

You should be good in your health to be an ideal candidate for the treatment. The skin care expert will examine your skin and will tell you if you fall within the candidacy criteria or not. You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You do not have active acne
  • You do not have a blood clotting disorder
  • You are not suffering from bacterial or skin infection
  • You have depressed and rolling acne scars
  • You do not have any chronic disease
  • You are looking for a less painful treatment
  • You want youthful and smooth skin
  • You do not have poor wound healing history
  • You are above 18
  • You do not have ice pick scars
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcomes


Some of the benefits of Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad PakistanΒ are:

  • It is a safe and highly effective treatment to improve the acne scars
  • It is best for rolling and depressed scars
  • It is a comfortable procedure
  • It requires very little time to recover
  • If combined with other treatments it can improve the signs of ageing
  • It is a cost-friendly treatment
  • It has minor side effects such as swelling and pain
  • It gives long-term results
  • It will help you to boost your confidence

How to Prepare Before the Treatment?

It is important to prepare and make some changes in your lifestyle before going for the subcision treatment. The skin care expert during the initial consultation will examine your skin and will give you pre-treatment instructions accordingly. Some of the basic instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking before a week of the treatment
  • Avoid using products that contain retinoids
  • Do not tweeze or wax the treatment area before subcision treatment
  • You should avoid anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Stop the use of blood thinners which increases the chances of bleeding
  • Do not use makeup or cosmetic products before coming for the treatment

What to Expect During the Procedure?

The dermatologist starts the procedure by numbing the area with the help of numbing cream or by injecting local anaesthesia. He then cleanses the treatment site and disinfects the area. He then uses a needle and the size of the needle depends on the type of acne scar. The skin care expert will then use the needle to remove the scar fibres which are responsible for the scars. The needle also creates a new wound in the skin due to which the healing process will boost up and new skin will form after a few weeks. After completing the procedure he applies pressure to minimise the swelling and bleeding. He may apply antibiotic cream to encourage the healing process.

Recovery and After Care:

Right after the treatment, you may experience swelling and tenderness on the treatment site. But do not worry these are temporary ailments and will fade away after some time. To minimise the swelling you can use cold compresses. The recovery period is very minimal but you should take proper care of the skin to avoid any side effects. Some of the aftercare instructions:

  • Avoid strenuous activity and hard exercise which can cause sweating
  • Do not take blood thinners for the first few days
  • Avoid doing makeup for the first 24 hours
  • Do not touch the treatment area to prevent infection
  • Do not remove the dressing yourself if you have any
  • Avoid going to areas with high temperature
  • Avoid going in the sun and if you are going then apply SPF to protect the skin


The cost of Subcision Treatment for Acne Scars in Islamabad & Pakistan is different for every patient. The dermatologist will tell you the exact price after examining your skin. Some of the factors which affect the cost are:

  • Number of sessions
  • Treatment area
  • Dermatologist fees
  • The pricing policy of the clinic

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