Sylfirm X Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

As numerous factors, like the sun, pollution, germs, heredity, and aging, conspire to our disadvantage when we attempt to keep healthy, beautiful skin. Luckily, our clinic provides the Sylfirm X Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan allowing people to maintain their younger-looking appearance and look beautiful at any age. It is one of the new revolutionary radiofrequency technology devices that is being used to treat a whole variety of different skin conditions. This therapy with the extracellular vesicle technique can be a great decision if you’re seeking an all-in-one solution to assist you to reach perfect skin. Despite keeping your vital facial skin intact, this procedure gets rid of your skin irregularities. The easy, non-invasive cosmetic procedure reduces biological alterations that affect collagen production as well as external damage to the skin.

Main Aim of the Treatment:

It has different power levels and different depth levels to treat all different levels of the skin. And also different wave settings to treat different conditions in the skin. There are very few technologies in the market that can treat such a wide variety of skin concerns. Everything from rosacea, melasma, active acne, acne scars, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles, enhances the skin tone. It is a wonderful device that can target many skin conditions that can be bothersome to individuals.


Skin tightness is evident to a certain extent immediately after the procedure, while dermal transformation benefits take some time to manifest. Over the next 2 to 3 months, the majority of individuals progressively notice improvements in their skin. The nature and extent of the skin problem being addressed determine the precise period. The skin condition being addressed and the person’s maintenance routine both affect how long the benefits last. Outcomes typically last one to two years. To maintain outcomes over time, experts advise yearly maintenance procedures.

Specialists advise waiting one month between appointments to give the skin time to heal. To keep results, an annual service therapy is required. Remember that this could change depending on the patient and the skin disease being addressed.

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Pros of the Procedure:

  • There are several benefits that the individual can enjoy following the treatment:
  • It improves complexion and modifies imperfections.
  • The treatment minimizes age creases and lines and tightens the sagging skin.
  • It helps maintains the texture of baby-soft skin.
  • It heals skin issues and inflammation.
  • It lessens stretch marks
  • It enhances the way scars look.
  • It reduces and cures dermatitis.
  • It addresses specific forms of pimples as well as breakouts.
  • It reduces vascular hyperpigmentation to a minimum.
  • It stimulates scalp blood flow.
  • It minimizes discoloration following inflammation.
  • The therapy gives slack skin a light uplift.

Who is Ideal for the Treatment?

The treatment is ideal for any individual who wishes to address any of their skin concerns. This is because the therapy covers a wide range of skin conditions that may affect the individual in any way. Anybody with stubborn scars from acne, creases, and fine lines pm their skin, visible large pores, pigmentation, loose skin, rosacea, etc can get the treatment. The dermatologist first examines the area of the skin that needs to be treated and then customizes the treatment plan according to the patient’s requirements and skin condition.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The Sylfirm X Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan contains tapered needles that put more energy in the tip and less superficially. In this way, there is less damage (if any) to the superficial skin and most of the energy is directed deep into the underlying layer that the dermatologist chooses. This stimulates neocollagenesis and neoelatogenesis. The discomfort felt during the treatment is only around 20% as compared to other cosmetic treatments. In other words, it is a painless and comfortable procedure for individuals.


Before beginning the therapy, a thorough evaluation is made to make sure of the individual’s requirements, concerns, and needs. The appointment is planned for a minimum of one week before any important occasion. If the individual suffers from any type of breakout in the area that needs to be treated, the appointment needs to be rescheduled until the acne is cleared. One week before therapy, the patient needs to refrain from taking NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Advil.

 What is the Procedure Like?

The dermatologist starts the therapy by cleaning the area to be treated with an alcohol swab or any other disinfecting solution. This is so that any makeup or debris can be removed which otherwise can increase the risk of infection. The doctor then sets the device according to the skin condition of the patient. After that, the skincare specialist applies a numbing cream to the skin so that the patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Once the area is numbed, the doctor starts the treatment by placing the Sylfirm device on the skin. After completing the procedure, a cooling gel is applied to soothe the skin and pace up the healing. This therapy usually takes less than an hour to perform and the individual can go back to their daily routines after their appointment.


After the session, the dermatologist provides some guidelines to the individual so that maximum results can be obtained. These include instructions like:

  • Do not use any chemical-containing product on the skin for at least the first 3 or 4 days
  • Makeup should also be avoided for the first 2 days
  • The skin should be protected from dust and pollution
  • Sun exposure should be minimum as it can affect the results.  

Side Effects:

The treatment is usually very safe with little to no side effects. There may be some temporary side effects that only take a few days to heal. This may include some redness or peeling off of the skin in the first few days after the therapy.  


The average cost of Sylfirm X Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan ranges from Rs. __ to Rs. __.  The actual cost varies for each patient as it depends on several factors like the area of the skin being treated, the sessions required by the individual, the skin condition to be addressed, the experience of the dermatologist carrying out the treatment, and the level of the clinic where the therapy is being carried out. After considering all these factors the doctor determines the final cost.

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