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When a cavity occurs on the teeth the doctor will first remove the decayed teeth and then filling will be done on the place where the destroyed teeth are removed. The cracked and broken teeth are also treated by the procedure. The reasons for these destroyed teeth can be grinding or nail-biting. Well, these fillings are the best way to repair the damaged teeth. After getting the treatment your chewing will get improved. For getting the procedure patients are really concerned about the Teeth Filling Price in Pakistan Islamabad. To make yourself clear about the cost. Read the blog written below!  

What is Teeth Filling?

Teeth fillings are a combination of different materials such as the glass or other metals. These metals are used to cover and fill the decayed teeth. The process also causes the repairing phenomena for the teeth. The holes and gaps will be filled by the procedure. 


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Dental Fillings Pros and Cons:

There are many advantages and disadvantages that can be received by the teeth filling treatment. 


The pros of the procedure are as follows:

  • The cavity of the teeth stops growing after the process
  • Overall shape and structure of the mouth get improved
  • Cracked teeth get strong
  • The color of your teeth will get enhanced
  • This treatment gives protection to the tooth
  • Your teeth become healthy
  • Confidence of the person increased


The cons of the process are as follows: Read below:

  • Sometimes the color of teeth changes
  • Sensitivity of the teeth increases
  • Teeth get weak due to filling

Types of Fillings:

Teeth Filling Cost in Islamabad Pakistan are made from different materials and depending on the material they are classified as:

  • Composite resins (are white-colored fillings made from plastic resins and glass powder. These fillings look original and feel much more natural. Also, provide protection to the teeth because it releases fluoride. 
  • Silver Fillings ( these are formed with the silver alloy and the mercury material. One of the most popular fillings among people)
  • Porcelain ( these are the dental fillings made from porcelain)
  • Gold alloys ( this certain type of teeth filling is prepared from gold, copper, and other material. They are enduring but expensive)


To start the process, the doctor will apply anesthesia to the targeted area and will make it numb. Then with the help of a drill or a specific probe, the decayed and the damaged tooth will be removed. When the removal is done, it is important to check whether complete removal occurred or not. For this, the doctor will do some tests to check and determine the accuracy of treatment. Then by making a specific space for the filling the process will be carried on. The materials from which the fillings are made fluctuate. Once the filling is finished, the doctor will polish it.

Teeth Filling Price in Pakistan:

Well receiving treatment to treat your problem is important. But the thing which is more important is the price at which you are getting the procedure. The price for the treatment in Pakistan/Islamabad here in our clinic is from PKR 3500 to PKR 7000. There are various factors that affect the price of the treatment. These components are as follows:

  • The type of dental fillings that are in use
  • Number of sessions that are required 
  • Skills of the doctor who is carrying out the procedure
  • Standard of the clinic where the treatment is done
  • Quality of the fillings
  • Experience of the doctor

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Getting a Teeth Filling Price in Islamabad & Pakistan for your teeth is really a sensitive procedure. To receive the most effective as well as the affordable procedure you can freely contact our Glamorous Clinic. All our dentists are really qualified and know how to carry out these complicated procedures. Our instruments are sterlized and properly in size. We are proud because of our happy clients. The prices of our treatment are reasonable. 

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