Getting a contoured face and a young look is no more a dream. You can get this by our popular non-invasive procedure which is not only the most effective but the most reasonable process at the same time. Although there are other procedures but this is a non-surgical method that will give you the result and you will look the way you want i.e Young & Stunning! So get ready to receive the treatment at the most affordable price you ever heard. Just know more details about the treatment and the Thread Lift Cost in Islamabad & Pakistan by scrolling down!

What is Thread Lift?

A non-invasive treatment that will give an uplift to the face. The lifting process is done by the dissolvable threads which are inserted into the skin by making small incisions near the hairline. The face gets enhanced by stretching the thread and the wrinkles get removed. This process is done on a cosmetic basis to provide people with the looks they want. The reason why the procedure become so popular among the people is its non-surgical nature. Also, it is a painless one. The number of threads that will be used depends on the needs of the patient. 


The patient will get a face clear from wrinkles and lines. Also, a more precise and accurate skin tone will be achieved. The results of the treatment will remain there for a short time after which the patient can get another treatment to hold the aesthetics. Tight and firm skin is in the outcomes. 

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

When a patient talks if they are ideal for the treatment or not they should know that they can opt for the process if they have the following issues:

  • When the age of the patient is between thirty to fifty
  • You do not want to go through a surgical process
  • Wrinkled skin and skin which contains fine lines
  • If you want to achieve a faster outcome. 
  • You desire to get confidence in yourself
  • One who goes for a safe procedure

Thread Lift Cost in Islamabad:

When detailing the cost of a process, there are many factors that come in the way. For example, the clinic’s reputation plays an important part. The average Thread Lift Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is from 50,000 To 170,000. Other things that contribute to the treatment are as follows:

  • Level of the Clinic:

When treatment is done the price for it depends on the reputation of the clinic from which the patient is receiving the treatment. Also, the standard of the hospital plays an important role.

  • Services of the Clinic:

The facilities which are available at the clinic site do count in the final fee because these are for the comfort of the patient. More services will charge you more. 

  • Location of the Clinic:

The establishment of the clinic plays a significant part in deciding the treatment price. As the clinic is present in Islamabad the cost of the treatment will be accordingly. 

  • The demand of the Doctor:

When the doctor is more qualified and experienced the demand will be more and then the requirement may vary accordingly. 

  • Experience of the Clinic:

The number of years from which the clinic is working takes part in determining the price of the procedure. More experienced clinicians know more about the casualties of the processes. 

  • A number of Threads Applied:

Depending on the condition of the patient he/she may require more or fewer threads thus counting on the number of threads used the charges of the treatment varies. 

  • Condition of the Patient:

If the aging lines and wrinkles of someone are less as compared to a person who is more aged and the skin is worse then the expense of the procedure will be as per need. 

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