Turkish Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

One of the most prevalent issues that men and women encounter globally is hair loss when they are young. As a result, numerous strategies and approaches to promote hair growth have been developed. As a result, Turkish Hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan is now a highly well-liked and successful solution to this issue. Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, is the foundation of the Turkish hair transplant technique, and Turkey was one of the first countries to use it.

What Exactly is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation refers to the process of moving hair from one area of the head to another. A surgical procedure is used to remove hair follicles from the donor site on one part of the body and then implant them in the bald or thinning portion of the recipient site. The method treats bald spots while encouraging natural hair growth.


The process results in a head full of thick, healthy hair. As new hair sprouts from the normally bald area, the bald patches are covered. As the healing of the wounds and adaptation of the new hair follicles in their new locations takes time, the recovery can take several weeks.

After a few weeks, new hair typically grows in that is thin and weak. It’s natural for these hairs to fall out after some time. After that, healthy new hair begins to grow, which takes approximately 9 or 10 months to become noticeable. These persistent hairs are the true beneficiaries of the treatment.

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Pros of The Treatment:

  • The amount of hairs growing over the bald spots rises overall.
  • Because it produces long-lasting effects, the operation does not need to be repeated every so often.
  • The follicular units are removed under a microscope, reducing the possibility of hair follicle damage.
  • A person’s self-esteem grows when they appear better.
  • One becomes more self-assured when going to social events or in public.
  • Skin is removed from the area and sutured so that the patch is entirely covered, and over time, the Hair Transplant Islamabad is undetectable.

Who is the right candidate?

The following are the right candidates for the Turkish Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan:

  • Anyone who have bald areas on their head that they want to be covered
  • Ideal age of the patients is from twenty-five years to sixty-five years
  • Someone who is not suffering from any medical condition or disease
  • Men who suffer from male pattern baldness are also ideal for the treatment
  • People with thick, healthy hair in their donor areas
  • A steady hair loss pattern is required for the treatment
  • Someone who is dedicated to the procedure’s aftercare

Why Get Turkish Hair Transplant?

The treatment’s popularity is mostly due to the fact that it requires less healing time and leaves less scars than alternative treatments. The treatment is carried out under local anesthetic, which only numbs the donor and recipient areas, by skilled surgeons from the top hair transplant clinics in Dubai. It saves the individuals the cost of having to travel to Turkey to get the treatment done. It is also a better option than any other treatment as the cost of1 the treatment is very affordable and it yield the best results. It also reduces the maintenance cost significantly.

Cost of the Treatment:

The average cost of the treatment ranges from PKR 90,000 to PKR 160,000. Several factors determine the final cost of the treatment like the current condition of the individual, desired outcome of the procedure, and the method adopted by the surgeon to carry out the treatment. these are all considered and analyzed by the dermatologist before deciding the final cost of the procedure.

Why Choose the Glamorous Clinic?

At the Glamorous Trichologist Clinic, we are offering the best treatments for hair transplant that will regrow the hair of otherwise bald individuals. Since the foundation of the clinic in 2017, we have carried out hundreds of hair transplant treatments. Thousands of people visit our clinic from all around the world to meet their cosmetic needs. Our procedures yield guaranteed desired results leaving our clients happy and satisfied with the results. We provide our clients with the most relaxing and comfortable environment.


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