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Through exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet, people need to prioritize their health. Numerous health issues are associated with being overweight. Many individuals are aware, nevertheless, that the issue with their weight is also related to the social difficulties that come with being extremely overweight and hefty. These individuals can have Metabolic Surgery in Islamabad & Pakistan, which is intended to enhance their standard of living, and their health, and lengthen their lifespan. Learn more about it on the following page.

Who is a Metabolic Surgeon?

The Metabolic surgeon carries out surgeries and procedures to help individuals with metabolic syndrome to Lose Weight and also simultaneously address health-related issues. They help improve the lifestyle of the individuals.


The metabolic process reduces nutrient absorption and digestion. It is the most effective method of treatment for people with excessive obesity, reducing mortality and the risk of contracting new diseases. The procedure also helps with long-term weight loss, which is essential for a better lifestyle.

The effects of the procedures are long-lasting. Up until a certain point, several of these operations can be reversed. All of it is discussed during the initial appointment with the surgeon.

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What is Metabolic syndrome?

A group of health disorders together referred to as “metabolic syndrome” raises your risk of having heart and blood vessel conditions like heart attacks and stroke. It is brought on by several things, including gaining weight, having high blood pressure, and having high sugar levels. The risk of heart disease may also be elevated by unhealthful blood fat levels and insulin resistance.

Aim of the Treatment:

By using the techniques of malabsorption and calorie restriction, the surgery’s primary objective is to assist the patient in accelerating their weight loss journey. It also seeks to improve a person’s health by lowering their likelihood of developing any illnesses linked to their weight.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Anyone who battles illnesses or disorders brought on by being overweight
  • Someone who is aware of the procedure and is emotionally ready for it
  • A person with a BMI of more than 40 or who is morbidly obese
  • The best candidates for therapy are those with type 2 diabetes.
  • A person who is healthy and does not have any condition that can affect the treatment
  • A person who is driven enough to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight


  • In the long run, the procedures are risk-free, efficient, and affordable
  • The person’s weight loss process is accelerated
  • Obesity-related illnesses and diseases are less likely to develop
  • Joint discomfort is lessened
  • The person’s general health is enhanced
  • Additionally, it gives the person additional stamina and activity
  • The extra fat is burned, improving the person’s attractiveness

How does the Treatment Work?

The most effective and lengthy diagnosis and management for overweight is Metabolic Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan, which results in significant weight loss and the improvement, avoidance, or relief of numerous connected conditions like hypertension, various cancers, heart disease, and sleep issues, and type 2 diabetes.

What are the Treatment Options?

The Glamorous Clinic is offering several treatments and procedures to treat several diseases and conditions. From these IV Therapy Drip, the doctor chooses the most appropriate option according to the patient’s condition and problems. Some of these treatment options are mentioned below  

Ileal Interposition:

This treatment, in its simplest form, refers to the procedure of replacing the first and last segments of the small intestine. The idea behind this procedure is to block the hormones that lead to insulin resistance and raise hormone levels that promote insulin sensitivity. This procedure is carried out to treat type two diabetes.

Sleeve Gastrectomy:

Type II diabetes and obesity can be effectively treated by removing the majority of the stomach. With this procedure, the stomach’s digestive system is preserved because only the junctions with the esophagus and intestines remain. The main objectives of therapy are to shrink patients’ stomachs, let them feel satisfied after consuming significantly less food, and decrease appetite by removing the region of the body where the hunger hormone is circulating.

Mini Gastric By-Pass:

Similar to a typical gastric bypass operation, a mini gastric bypass involves dividing the stomach into upper and lower pouches and rerouting the small intestine. This enables weight loss through restriction and malabsorption. This also helps to control type 2 diabetes.

Side Effects:

Even though the procedure is safe to do and helps patients lose weight, there are situations when the patient needs revision surgery since the weight loss was not what was anticipated. Failure to follow the postoperative instructions by the patient increases the chance of problems.


The average cost of Metabolic Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan ranges from PKR 90,999 to PKR 240,999. It varies from person to person depending on the type of treatment carried out by the surgeon, the sessions taken by the patient, the expertise of the surgeon, and the level of the clinic. The Final expense of the surgery is determined by the surgeon after the first appointment.

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