Revision Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost & Price

Revision Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad & Pakistan is done to fix or alter a prior procedure for weight reduction. People who undergo weight loss surgery typically experience fat loss and sustain a new, better lifestyle. But occasionally, for a range of factors, patients discover that the surgery degrades over a period or is no longer functional. If you suffered difficulties from your initial treatment or had less-than-ideal weight reduction or weight regaining, it might be suitable for you.

Aim of the Treatment:

Similar to other surgical specialties, revision treatments in bariatric surgery are carried out on patients who did not respond well to their initial treatment or did not respond at all, as well as on patients who experienced side effects from their treatment that needed to be reversed or corrected.

What are the results?

The revision therapy assures patients of the expected outcomes. Following surgery, losing weight is more optimal and successful. Depending on how well the individual adheres to the postoperative guidance and suggestions given by the physician, the effects could take a few weeks to become apparent. Although the consequences are irreversible, the surgeon can still restore them.

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Pros of the Procedure:

  • The fact that bariatric revision is non-surgical and done as an outpatient procedure means that there isn’t a lengthy healing period.
  • The body’s limited capacity from before the first surgery instantly returns.
  • After the correction, the majority of individuals can still anticipate losing between 60 and 80 % of their extra weight, especially if they faithfully adhere to the recommendations of their medical team.
  • The person’s circumstances and characteristics will determine the exact success rate after the treatment.

Ideal Candidates:

  • If the individual faces weight gains due to a stretched or enlarged stomach
  • Any person has a strong esophagus that can withstand the endoscopic procedure
  • An individual who is motivated for their weight loss journey
  • A person who is in a good physical and mental health
  • Someone who gains weight only due to enlarging of the stomach pouch
  • An individual who does not suffer from any condition that weakens their esophagus
  • Someone facing complications due to their last bariatric procedure
  • Β A person who experiences difficulty in digestion or heartburn

How does the Revision Surgery Work?

In contrast to routine surgical operations, revision treatments are typically non-invasive and quicker to complete. The stomach’s volume is further reduced, further reducing the amount of food the person can eat. As a result, the person’s weight continues to drop at a faster rate.

Treatment Options:

Customers can choose between four revision procedures to get the greatest results from a prior bariatric surgery that was unsuccessful or unexpected:

Mini Gastric Bypass

At Our Clinic, the endoscopic gastric revision operation is completed under light sedation in an outpatient setting and normally takes 30 minutes to complete. Recovery normally only lasts a little while you emerge from the sedation, and you are then free to return home.Β 

Gastric Banding:

Advantages include ease of use and positive short-term results, because of which laparoscopic gastric band surgery is a popular bariatric procedure; however, it is also accompanied by problems (slippage, erosion, and prolapse) and failure to achieve the intended weight loss. If the treatment does not result in the desired weight loss, it can be modified by tightening the band even further.

Gastric Bypass:

In rare circumstances, a second surgery to fix or redo a gastric bypass may be necessary. This is particularly true if you have a fistula, which occurs when the structure of your small intestine and stomach has changed (the additional connection between the stomach and intestine).

Sleeves Gastronomy:

Patients who struggle with weight return after sleeve gastrectomy can have this endoscopic plication procedure. Stretching of the sleeve may contribute to weight gain in rare cases. Endoscopic treatment is used to assist the sleeve to get back to its previous size and tightness after the surgery.


The Revision Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad & Pakistan costs between PKR 180,000 and PKR 280,000. This cost is influenced by several variables, including the surgeon’s methods, the clinical setting and location of the procedure, the type of equipment the doctor uses, and the surgeon’s knowledge and experience. The surgeon calculates the total cost of the procedure after taking into account all the cost-influencing variables.

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