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Are you looking for chin augmentation treatment? are you unsure about the procedure? do you have several questions like What are the Different Types of Chin Implants in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan How long do the results last? Who can get the surgery? You are just at the right place! Find the answer to most of your questions by reading the blog below.

What is Chin Implants?

To provide the jaw with greater projection, the chin procedure also known as mentoplasty is combined with sculpted silicone implantation known as chin implants. Chin implantation is compact and sturdy, so there is little risk of leakage or rupture. The thickness and shape of chin implantation vary; the cosmetic plastic surgeon will assist the patient in selecting the ideal size and shape to accomplish the desired level of augmentation all while producing one of the most natural results. Chin implantation should feel identical to the original chin when placed by a skilled and licensed practitioner, and it should be impossible to determine if a person has undergone chin enhancement.

Results of the Implants:

It enhances the chin, neckline, and jawbone shapes. To enhance the size and form of the jaw and produce a more naturally beautiful harmony among facial structure, the procedure typically entails the implantation of such an implantation around a person’s current chin skeleton. A thin or depressed chin can also be permanently improved by chin augmentation when carried out by a licensed, skilled plastic surgeon. The majority of implantation is for a lifetime. Implants produced from skeletal or adipose tissue harvested from the body may occasionally resorb. The patients may well not notice the final shape of their cheek and jawline for three to four months because there may be some inflammation for the first several months.

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Different Types of Implants:

There are various chin implants according to texture and shape. The following are two different textures of the implants:

Polyethylene Implants:

Chin implants made of plastic Polyethylene are much stiffer, more rigid, and more permeable than Silicone Jaw Implants. They are kept in position by the healthy tissue, to which they adhere. These implantations are rigid and frequently come in two sections that lock together after implantation. Polyethylene chin implantation often requires greater cuts than rubber chin implants, yet the presence of two parts allows for a shorter cut during implantation. They are more difficult to get rid of because they ingest into the nearby delicate tissues. 

Silicone Implants:

Silicone chin implants have the texture of rubber and are clean, firm, and smooth. Chin implantation made of rubber does not adhere to the soft connective tissue. This indicates that they will have a minor increased risk of shifting, bending, or buckleing. Nevertheless, flexible implantation that glides easily has a benefit. Smaller incisions can be used to insert silicone chin implants, and they are simple to remove if needed. Additionally, there is a somewhat increased prevalence of bone resorption linked to rubber chin implantation.

When it comes to the shape of the implants, the following are the types:

Wafer Chin Implantation:

Once upon a time, Wafer chin implantation was the norm for chin enhancement. This surgery is less frequently utilized because of how little it is, which makes it look less realistic and raises the possibility of post-implant movement.

Symmetric Chin Implant:

With this type of implantation, one can add projections to their profile image without significantly widening it from the front. The level of customization is constrained by the availability of only two different sizes.

Cleft Chin Implant:

The divided chin provides a significant, masculine form that can be viewed from the front, demonstrating that there will be an implant for everybody.

Anatomical Chin Implant:

This implantation is intended to increase thickness in the front view as well as projections on the side view. The four sizes enable more customization. The silicone in the implant itself is transparent.

Prejowl Chin Implants:

Prejowl chin implants do not add an extension to the side view since they are flat and over the jaw. Its side projections, which sit below the jowls, are where it is positioned. A patient with early jowl drop would gain from such implantation. 

Who is Eligible for the Chin Implants?

  • In general, if you are physically well and at a steady weight, you might be a suitable candidate for a chin operation.
  • Anybody has reasonable goals.
  • A patient who is physically healthy and mentally ready for the procedure
  • Individuals who want chin augmentation have tiny chins
  • A person whose chin is tipped downward and not in line with their bottom lip
  • A person with a noticeable doubled chin may potentially gain from the procedure.
  • A person who doesn’t smoke.
  • Someone who is disturbed by how your chin looks.
  • If anyone’s chin looks too weak or lacks projection


Before going for the Chin surgery you should have a clear understanding of What are the Different Types of Chin Implants in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. This is so that it is convenient for you to choose the type you want. Visit our website if you want to know more about it.