Botox in Islamabad- Famous as age rewind. Despite fine lines and wrinkles, have you ever thought of the face’s additional benefits with Botox? 

Here we will tell you.  

From constant streaming to the selfie trend, Botox beauty care can never be denied. It is certainly the breakout to elude wrinkle formation on the face. Further, it could get you to a more youthful and refreshed look if injected suitably in other facial areas. So here comes the question, where on the face can Botox be injected in Islamabad? Continue ahead for better understanding.

Top 10 areas on Face to Treat with Botox 

Botox limits muscle movement. This way wrinkles and fine lines anywhere on the face can be smoothly discarded. The areas to be treated with Botox are typically portioned into three main parts including upper face, mid-Face, and lower face.

Upper Face:

Forehead wrinkles (Frown lines, Forehead lines):

The development of Forehead wrinkles is typically seen with every facial expression. The constant presence of frown lines between brows upset the entire personality whereas forehead lines with every single rise of eyebrows make a person look tired or angry. But don’t burden me any longer. Botox can treat this. A couple of minutes in the doctor’s office can leave you extremely satisfied.

Bunny Lines (Nose Wrinkles):

Nose wrinkles come up when we sniff or smell something.

The careful placement of Botox in the nose reduces the appearance of such lines. However, it’s crucial to go for an expert doctor as your smell can be affected if Botox not injected properly.

Eyebrows (Hooded eyes):

This is the place where Botox proves itself as the best cosmetic procedure. Advance techniques associated with this injectable sculpt the brows beautifully as per the desired shape. It leaves a flattering arch to your brows which often leads to a lifted appearance. This way, it’s also named Botox Facelift or chemical facelift.

Around Eyes & Under the Eyes:

Whether you are 25 or 65, a tear trough or crow’s feet can hit you. Their presence is uncertain mostly occurs when you are not smiling.

However, as predicted by pros, Botox is very effective in reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles. But remember its deliverance must be carried out carefully.

Mid Face:

Droopy Nose:

In most people, the tip of their nose drops when they smile. This certainly happens due to excess active muscle. Botox just slows down the contraction and leads to a higher tip of the nose all the time.

Gummy Smile:

This smile overexposes the teeth and gums. Although it looks awkward still majority don’t even go for its treatment due to the fear of intense dental procedures. But don’t worry now. With the use of one or two injections of Botox on the directed side of the mouth, muscles tend to relax. The lips begin to cover the gums and therefore creating the most aesthetically appealing smile.

Smoker’s lines:

To eliminate smoker’s lips or fine lines from sun exposure Botox can help but only with dermal filler. Since Botox isn’t primarily meant to treat pale, dark lips but somehow it can help. You need to get a proper recommendation from a physician in this regard. If your lips are severely dehydrated proper laser lips lightening should be carried rather than Botox.

Lower Face:

Chin (To prevent Dimpling):

Excess dimpling of the chin can be a result of aging, sun exposure, or tissue loss. With careful placement of Botox, you can overtake this difficulty within minutes.

Lines around mouth, Jawline, and Neck:

Lines and wrinkles on the neck and mouth area can be a result of a number of factors such as genetics, loss of collagen, or excessive muscle contractions. But the most common cause is aging. Though, a small amount of Botox will be sufficient. It relaxes and strengthens the neck muscles and creates a youthful look that is deprived of any aging imperfection.

Some Other uses of Botox:

When it comes to the body, plenty of health concerns are tackled to take over the issues like armpit sweating, headaches, severe migraines, droopy eyelid, and so on. Get proper guidance to see if you might evolve Botox to solve the problems you endure in daily life.

Affordable Botox

Botox turned into an injectable trend that slows the aging process. It endorses wonderful substances that freeze the disturbing muscle and let you appear younger in the 50s. Regardless of expensive skin tightening surgeries, everyone is considering this quick, affordable solution nowadays. No side effects, no downtime, and definitely no pains. Just a few minutes in a doctor’s office could bring a dramatic change in your life.

Talk you your skincare expert directly to check what additional benefits you can have with Botox.

The Takeaway:

Every question you may have about Botox- is cleared in this article. Still for further doubts and claims about where on the face can Botox be injected in Dubai? Meet the nearest dermatologist however prefer consulting a well-reputed clinic. You can go for Cosmetic clinic as they are certainly famous as the best provider for Botox in Pakistan.