Breast Enlargement Injection:

Breast increases the beauty of the female physique. When puberty hits it changes the human body by evolving body parts. But sometimes evolving may not be what we expect. Many cases have been observed females having tiny breasts are prone to the feeling of unattractiveness or less confidence. The appearance allows a person to blossom inside and out which is possible now thanks to advancements in the cosmetic industry.

Breast enlargement injection (Macrolane Injection) is a non-invasive process that most dermatologists recommend for individuals with small breasts. The procedure induces more fat into bosoms by extracting fat from one’s body (legs, glutes and other). In most places, this injection is known as a target-lipo injection.

Suitable Candidate for Breast Enlargement Injection:

Many signs encourage individuals to get breast enlargement injections. The suitable candidate for Breast Enlargement Injections in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is:

  • Women who have tiny breasts.
  • The one who has reasonable expectations.
  • The woman has various breast sizes.
  • People who are in good bodily and mental health.
  • Women who wish to have a temporary breast augmentation.
  • Those who wish to shape whatsoever part of their body, respectively genders.
  • Patients who have developed a skin malformation as a result of the Liposuction treatment.


The glamorous clinic received many positive feedbacks from our patients. Breast Enlargement outcomes are:

  • The treatment’s long term effects usually eventually show up shortly following the work has been completed.
  • The body recycles hyaluronic acids with the flow of time.
  • And as result, the treatment’s benefits would only endure 12 to 18 months.
  • You won’t be able to acquire more fillers afterwards, so don’t sweat.


Breast enlargement injection has a multitude of benefits, some are as follows:

  • It is safe
  • Has minimal side-effects
  • Performed on outpatient
  • Scaring disappear by the passage of time
  • Performed under local anaesthesia to avoid inconvenience


Breast Enlargement aims to achieve:

  • Avoid side effects
  • Enhance the targeted area
  • Immediate satisfying outcomes


Before every sort of treatment, a patient needs to get him/herself prepare. This procedure varies for each individual. Doctors recommend following pre-procedural care before undergoing Breast Enlargement Injections in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan which is as stated:

  • Avoid blood-thinning drugs/medications
  • Completely avoid the consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid herbal diet supplements
  • Quit smoking for a certain period
  • Keep taking prescribed medication

Breast Enlargement Procedural Technique:

Breast Enlargement Injections is not a complicated procedure in which expert induces hyaluronic acid with a specific size syringe in the targeted area to allow it to increase in size.

  • The treatment area is marked
  • Local anaesthesia is administered before the treatment
  • 2 – 3 mm incision is done in breast
  • Procedure performed with thin cannula or syringe
  • This procedure takes 30 minutes or in some cases 90 minutes to perform.
  • The area is stitched after successfully performed treatment

Post-Procedural Care:

There are no serious aftercare methods recommended to the patient. Few instructions are provided which needed following are:

  • Stay away from vigorous activity.
  • Use sports garments in case of swelling
  • Avoid pressing and massaging the treated area
  • Regularly take the prescribed medications


The treatment is performed on outdoor patients and there is no specific time frame. The recovery is fast and you should expect:

  • No possibility to contact allergy reactions
  • Scaring will fade very soon
  • A few day you be feeling drowsy due to anaesthesia
  • Stay away from vigorous activities for 1 – 3 weeks
  • You may experience minor bruising and swelling but it will reduce soon


Breast Enlargement Injection is highly recommended for enlarging any part of the body. The cost ranges between 8,000 to 12,000 rupees for Breast Enlargement Injection.

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