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Have you noticed saggy skin? Do you appear older than you are? The only part of you that people will look at is your face. Your appearance can frequently become “distorted” by fluids, which can cause your skin to seem and appear overly large circular, present a drooping jaw and collarbone, lose cheeks, and develop bulging, swollen eyes. People find it to be quite unpleasant since they identify their facial form with their entire identity. What can you then do? All of us have witnessed the artificial looks that frequently follow facial plastic procedures. Here is a less dangerous and more potent anti-aging solution! One of the greatest Facial Sculpting in Pakistan, Islamabad & Rawalpindi is provided by our clinic. To learn all about it, keep reading.

The essence of the Treatment:

The procedure provides you with a rather more distinct face shape, elevated cheeks, and lymphatic system stimulation, which reduces under-eye bags, lifts sagging eyes, and smoothes out fine creases on your face. The skin is also tightened, toned, smoothed, and lifted throughout this procedure, giving the individual a younger, sculpted appearance. By modifying the patient’s jaw, chin, eyes, jawline, and other features, it also tries to improve their appearance.


These procedures will have your skin soft and appear a lot younger, vibrant, bright, and regenerated. One of the easiest techniques to enhance the appearance by regaining more unique and distinctly recognizable contour and the silhouette is through facial contouring. It is a  secure and efficient alternative to plastic procedures and an ideal procedure to revitalize your face.

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  • Treatment for a brow lift, for example, can constrict the muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
  • Certain surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty, can improve the appearance and size of the nostrils while also treating nasal flaws including bumps and broad nostrils to create facial equilibrium.
  • Rejuvenation and eyelid treatment may be beneficial for individuals who suffer from volume loss or drooping tissue in the upper, mid, and lower cheeks.

Perfect Candidates:

The doctor first carries out a detailed checkup and reviews the candidate’s medical history to ensure they are eligible for the procedure.  Individuals with the following conditions are advised against the treatment:

  • Oncological condition
  • possibilities of clot formation
  • breastfeeding and being pregnant
  • personal sensitivity to active medications
  • a propensity for allergic responses
  • kidney illness

Treatment Areas:

The following are possible treatment regions that can be corrected by the treatment

  • Upper eyelid region
  • Cheeks with hollow regions 
  • Square jaw and chin
  • sagging eyelids
  • unbalanced features
  • mouth-to-nose lines (nasolabial lines)
  • pronounced creases and lines
  • Lip augmentation
  • recessed temples
  • nose’s size and shape
  • Glabellar region
  • volume decrease in the face due to aging
  • eyebrows 
  • Hollows/apple of cheeks
  • Aural lobes

Treatment Options:

The following treatment options for Facial Sculpting in Pakistan & Islamabad are available at our clinic where the individual and the dermatologist choose the appropriate procedure that would deliver the results required by the individual.


A special method wherein carefully chosen mixtures primarily target fat deposits and encourage intercellular fluid drainage. This leads to an improvement in cellular function, the disappearance of extra fat and edema, and the preservation of symmetry. The immediate and highly intense visual impact can be seen after the treatment. After the initial surgery, the face increasingly loses volume, the uplift is leveled, nose and chin folds, wrinkles, and lines are greatly diminished, the impression of a gravitationally dropped face is removed, and it appears slim and elegant. Additionally, the skin’s suppleness is increased, the tone is revived, and an immediate lifting effect ensues.


The goal of the procedure is to give the face fullness and freshness. By administering them to the hands and face they improve the appearance of wrinkles and shrinkage brought on by aging as well as a few medical conditions. The treatment produces instant results. The results of the technique are immediately apparent. The effects get better over time as the fillers set, but this takes time. At first, there can be some inflammation or scars, but they disappear after a week. The time it takes for various fillers to set in varies.


The shots offer a person a remedy that not only works well to regain a youthful appearance but also lasts for a very long time. Wherever the toxin is administered, the muscles either relax or become paralyzed. In addition to aesthetic uses, there are certain medical benefits as well. After receiving the injectable, an individual typically notices changes in their appearance in just a few days. It keeps lines and folds softened for at least 6 months and may last many months or even a year. Relative to other therapies available, it is a fairly long time. Effects may vary from individual to individual based on a variety of conditions, as is the situation with every procedure.

Thread lift:

The procedure involves introducing dissolvable tracks into the epidermis with cone-shaped components connected to produce an immediate lift. The skin produces more elastin once these stitches disintegrate, giving the receiver a more young and revitalized appearance. The therapy has long-lasting effects. Unfortunately, the surgery doesn’t reverse the effects of aging. The recovery time is relatively short, and the effects are immediate. The effects change depending on the individual. A revision option is available if the individual notice that the results are starting to fade.


Facial Sculpting in Pakistan, Rawalpindi & Islamabad can cost anywhere from _ and. The cost varies depending on a variety of variables, including the number of fillers or Botox and the variety of treatments required. After the initial appointment, the specialist will calculate the real cost of the procedure.

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