If you are facing hair loss and it is in the state that is manageable then you should go for the mesotherapy. Lots of non-surgical methods are available out there but Mesotherapy is a procedure that is non-invasive and allows you to manage the condition of your hair loss. You may have many questions in your mind regarding this procedure. Mesotherapy For Hair Loss in Islamabad Pakistan recommended to read till the end and all of your concerns will vanish.

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy refers to a procedure that is without any side-effect and helps you to manage your existing hair in a natural way. Basically, mesoderm is a layer of the tissues that are layered in the skin. Mesogun, a specific tool, is used to perform the procedure. However, the level of medication that is induced in the skin depends on the area where treatment is required and also the severity of the issue. Usually, FDA approved medicine, minerals and vitamins, homeopathic drugs, and antioxidants are used for this purpose.

Is Mesotherapy Only For Hair?

No, mesotherapy is available for skin rejuvenation as well. However, when it is used for hair loss issue then it provides outstanding results. There can be various reasons for your hair loss so the hair expert first requires your medical history to know if Mesotherapy treatment in Pakistan is the best solution for you or not.

The medication is utilized to treat the hair loss that happens due to some kind of deficiency. The anti-inflammatory agent is used in this treatment that stimulates the hair follicles that aren’t producing properly. The existing hair roots regrow as a result.

Results And Benefits:

The results of this procedure aren’t less than a wonder. Getting complete sessions will make your hair strong so as a result, they will stop falling. The treatment is very beneficial as this method is non-invasive and you don’t need to go through any severe procedure. No cuts and no stitches are required so the chances of infection are also null.

Is One Session Enough?

Well, the number of sessions depends on the severity of level of your hair loss. Hence, one session isn’t enough to get good results. Almost 3-6 sessions are required if you really want to see some noticeable and positive changes in your hair. To know the exact number of sessions, you need to consult your doctor. You can also avail our FREE consultation in this regard.


If you want to get best results then you need to do proper preparation before the procedure. You need to consult your doctor so that he will instruct you what to do and when to do. The following might be the instructions that your doctor will provide you about the Mesotherapy For Hair Loss in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.

  • If you are taking aspirin or any kind of blood thinners then you should avoid their usage. You need to avoid them for almost 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • Are you a smoker? If yes, stop smoking for almost a week or so before the treatment.
  • Get all details about finances from your doctor.
  • Have you done with any kind of related treatment before? Let your doctor know about it.
  • You can ask the procedure from your doctor.
  • Wash your head properly before visiting the doctor on the day of treatment.


How much time is required for this treatment? This question may arise in your mind. Well, the good news is this, almost 15 to 20 minutes or maximum 30-60 minutes are enough to perform the procedure effectively. Vitamins and minerals are taken in the required amount and mix up properly. This solution is then injected in your scalp. Hence, the intensity of the solution depends on the individual requirements. Most of the doctors use the doctor injection for inducing this solution in the scalp. There is no need for the administration of anesthesia (a medicine that is used to make the painful senses vanish for some time) as you can easily bear its pain. Hence, if you cannot bear this mild pain then you should tell your doctor and he will apply some topical anesthesia or numbing cream on your scalp to handle the pain.

Post Op Care & Recovery:

When you get the procedure done then you need to do proper care. It is essential for getting best results. Mesotherapy in Islamabad allows you to keep your existing hair safe and don’t go towards baldness.

When it comes to recovery, the recovery procedure is fast but you need to follow some essential aspects. About 24 hours enough for recovery. If it is said that it is a treatment that makes it available for you to get rid of hair loss without creating disturbance in your routine then it wouldn’t be wrong.

Cost of Mesotherapy Hair Loss:

At Cosmetic Surgery, we are charging Rs.25000 per session. However, we are providing special discounts to the customers, who really want to get complete sessions. Feel free to discuss any issue with us.

Schedule A FREE Consultation:

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