Alopecia Areata Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan (Balchar ka ilaj)

This problem is becoming really common these days and the issue is an autoimmune disorder in which the patient’s own blood cells start confusing its own blood cells with invaders. The immune system starts attacking the hair follicles as a result of which the hair began falling. Small bald patches form on the scalp. If you want to treat these issues you need to come to our clinic and get the treatment. The procedure is effective and the most affordable. Although there is no permanent treatment for Alopecia Areata. But the Alopecia Areata Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan will control your hair loss and stimulate Hair growth.

What is Alopecia Areata?

It is a condition in which a person’s own white blood attacks the hair follicles and makes small bald patches on the scalp. In this problem, the bald areas can occur at any place but the head area is the main.  Areas of baldness are really small in size. Patients who are living with the disease do not have any other health issues. Although the problem is not a complicated medical issue, it hurts the physical appearance of a person and because of this, the patient suffers a lot. The mental health of the patient gets disturbed.

Results of Alopecia Areata:

After getting the procedure the growth of hair on the scalp increases again. The result of the treatment is not always guaranteed but in most cases, patients get their desired outcomes. The outcomes that are obtained from the procedure are long-lasting and effective.

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The advantages that can be gained by the treatment are as follows:

  • The procedure enhances the blood flow in the scalp area
  • The hair texture get improved
  • Bald patchy areas get decrease
  • The hair roots get strong
  • Lessen the Loss of hair
  • Overall look increases and the confidence increases

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

Someone who is wishing to get the treatment should know that the following are the characteristics of the ideal candidate:

  • If you do not hold any medical history
  • You have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • When some bald patches are present on the head
  • Thin hair on that bald region with PRP Treatment
  • Any man, woman, and child can get the treatment. 

Techniques to Treat Alopecia:

There are different Alopecia Areata Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan in our clinic to give you the results you want and to treat your problem once and for all. All the techniques are FDA approved and provide long-lasting outcomes. Get to know about the treatments by reading below:

Platelet-Rich-Plasma Therapy:

A PRP therapy that uses a person’s own blood treats the hair condition. The needed amount of blood is taken from the arm or any other body part after which that specific blood is inserted in a centrifugation machine to separate the growth cells. After the separation of these blood cells, they are again injected into the scalp area. The overall phenomenon results in hair growth.

Hair Transplant:

In this technique, the doctor first analyzes if any donor area is present. After this step, the required amount of hair is taken from the donor part either in the form of small hairy patches, or only the hair follicles depending on the type of technique that is in use. These picked hair are then inserted into the bald region. This stimulates hair growth. 

Steroid Injections:

These are the medications inserted in the form of injections to tackle the issue. The injections really play an important part in giving the most effective results. Steroids are the best way to treat alopecia patients. There are topical corticosteroids that are applied in the form of lotions and creams on the affected area. Actually, corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory. 


Mnindoxil solutions are used to treat the hair loss issues. Also, it is used to treat the alopecia areata but the effect of the solution, in this case, is not effective until treated with corticosteroids. The solution is to apply to the bald area two to three times a day. The benefit of the treatment is that it has no side effects. 

Hair Wigs:

Although the problem is treated by different methods, a solution to the problem is also the Hair Wigs Islamabad. The wigs produced are of two types including the original hair wigs or synthetic wigs. 

Recovery Time:

The rehabilitation span varies from person to person. Sometimes the effect of the treatment gets visible within a month. Hair that comes after the treatment will be thick and matches the original color. At first, the grown hair appears white and lacks the natural look but after some time the natural appearance of the hair restores. 

Why do we Are Number One Choice?

To treat the alopecia areata in an affordable and effective way you can contact the Glamorous Clinic in Islamabad freely. Our clinic has the best hair transplantation practitioners who have a lot of experience in their fields. We are proud of ourselves that we have transformed many people and treated their problems. If you are facing a hair fall issue then you might consider yourself an ideal candidate. For this, you just need to contact us. 

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