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We start to lose our body aesthetics due to weight loss, pregnancy, or simply because of the natural process of aging. Well, it’s nothing new, and to be worried about because the changing of our body and skin is pretty common to occur at a certain age. In this read, we’ll help you embark on the journey to the sculpted body which can be achieved through the process of Lower Body Lift in Islamabad Pakistan. So if you wish to enhance the lower part of the body keep reading to learn how this procedure may be beneficial for you.

How Can Lower Body Lift Help?

The human body’s skin can become very different, saggy, and droopy, as we age or undergo huge weight loss. Well, life can become very difficult, and it becomes difficult to do simple tasks with huge sagging skin on our bodies. The surgical procedure in the cosmetic world that is designed to address the sagging, skin, excess fat, and the lack of definition in the lower body is lower body lift. This procedure aims to contour and sculpt the loose skin in the outer thighs, and abdomen region. So if you have saggy hips, thighs, or buttocks then this procedure can help you.

The Results It Provides:

Well, the surgical procedure will help sculpt the lower region of your body which often becomes saggy, droopy, or loose due to certain factors. After the procedure, the candidates can live life more easily because the treatment helps them achieve a more tightened, and lifted body. The patients will be able to enjoy the contours of the butts, thighs, and hips regions. The reduction of excess skin will help the clients perform different daily life functions with more ease. However, the scar from the surgery will take between 12 to 18 months to fade off.

The Suitable Patients:

Well not everyone is suitable for the therapy, our experts at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will first have a brief consultation with the clients in which they will examine the body condition, and discuss the medical history to make sure that a certain person can undergo this therapy.

  • If drastic weight change left you with saggy skin.
  • If the droopy skin makes you self-conscious while wearing specific clothes.
  • You must not have any serious health issues.
  • You are willing to undergo the surgery to improve the lower body areas.
  • Obese people will have to slim down a little bit first.

To-Do’s Before Lower Body Surgery:

Below are certain important preparations that the candidates will have to follow, to ensure proper healing and to prepare their bodies for the surgery:

  • Maintain a good healthy diet, and make sure to manage your protein deficiencies.
  • Smoking can lead to several health complications, so your surgeon will ask you to discontinue this habit.
  • The doctor might ask you to discontinue your blood thinners for a certain time.
  • It’s essential to sort out any infections before the process.
  • Patients who have diabetes, or heart disease should inform their doctor about it.
  • Maintain good nutrition and a balanced amount of hydration.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Lower Body Lift:

  • The whole procedure will take between 3 to 4 hours, under the sedation of local anesthesia.
  • The plastic surgeon will first examine the areas that require improvement and will draw certain markings when the patient is standing to have a good view of how much area requires improvement.
  • In the next step, the expert makes strategic cuts on the front thighs and the back.
  • The incisions creation depends on the amount of fat that needs removal.
  • Our expert will then use their artistic skills to tighten the loose muscles, and reshape the body contours in the treatment region.
  • The next step of the methodology is to remove extra skin and tighten the remaining skin.
  • At the end the surgical dressings are applied in the treatment area, and if liposuction was also carried out then a drainage tube.

Please note that the procedural details will vary for each candidate, depending on the improvements they require and the severity of their excess skin.

A Guide To Recovery:

  • Rest and sleep well.
  • Take some days off work.
  • Do not neglect a good diet.
  • Take your prescriptions of anti-biotics, and painkillers on time.
  • Monitoring of the recovery is essential so do attend your post-op appointments.
  • In any case of extreme pain consult your surgeon as soon as possible.

Top Advantages:

  • The procedure will help achieve more body balance.
  • The candidates can enjoy a more toned body.
  • The removal of excess skin will result in help with the discomfort from skin folds.
  • A better-toned body will help you maintain a good, healthy lifestyle.

Cost Details:

The Cost of a Lower Body Lift in Islamabad at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad is not fixed and will vary according to the individual’s condition. The cost may vary due to:

  • How much experience the surgeon has?
  • The reputation of the clinic you choose.
  • Amount of areas that require improvement.
  • Clinic facilities.
  • Anesthesia costs.

Your Best Body Awaits!

At Glamorous Clinic Islamabad our professional, and highly dedicated team always strives to deliver the best procedures, while ensuring good outcomes. You can start your journey towards the sculpted body of your dreams through Lower Body Lift in Islamabad Pakistan. If you have any more cost questions or procedural concerns kindly fill out the consultation form to reach out to our team!