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People often do not like the look of their facial fat. When talking about facial fat, the fat that occurs between our cheekbones, and jawline is often too hard to get rid of on our own. Due to the presence of this fat people hate being called baby face, and wish to achieve a more defined facial appearance. Are you also struggling to hide your buccal fat with makeup contouring? Why not achieve a permanent solution of Buccal Fat Removal in Islamabad Pakistan rather than trying different makeup hacks?

A Guide To Buccal Fat Removal:

Tired of having a rounder, fatty face? Well, now you can achieve your desired appearance of a slim face. Yes, you read that right! Buccal Fat Removal is a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove the extra fat pad present in between the areas of cheekbones, and the jawlines. So say bye to a rounder face by opting for this easy surgical method. This cosmetic procedure will help you get rid of the chubby cheeks that make you self-conscious. It aims to provide you with a more defined look so you no longer have to feel bad about your baby’s face.

People Who Can Opt For Buccal Fat Removal:

Everyone wishes to achieve a prominent jawline, and slim cheeks but not everyone can be an ideal candidate for the therapy. Our plastic surgeon at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will examine you and will let you know if you classify to undergo the treatment:

  • If you wish to achieve a more sculpted appearance but are healthy enough to undergo the procedure.
  • People who hate being a baby face due to puffy cheeks.
  • If the excess buccal fat contributes to your round face appearance.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their facial look, and want to get rid of the fat with permanent methods.

The Results It Offers:

The results from the buccal fat removal will vary for each individual depending on their facial structure. After the procedure, once the swelling settles, the candidates will be able to notice a slimmer, more defined face. The candidates will be able to enjoy more contoured, and slim cheekbones. You will no longer have to hide the chubby face with makeup contouring. Since the procedure removes the inner fat pad from the cheeks the results are permanent.

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Guidelines Before Surgery:

Our plastic surgeons will guide the candidates about the necessary details that they must follow before their surgery:

  • Have open communication with your surgeon about the questions you have about the procedure, and the results you want to achieve.
  • The candidates may have to change or stop their current medication for a specific time.
  • Smokers will have to avoid smoking a few weeks before the procedure.
  • The candidates should try to maintain a healthy BMI.
  • Your practitioner will also take some photographs of your face to compare the before and after treatment results.
  • The buccal fat removal procedure is a permanent process, so the candidates should be sure, and should make up their minds before opting for it.

A Step-By-Step Guide To The Procedure:

The removal of extra buccal fat from the cheeks only takes about 60 minutes and has the following procedural steps:

  • This procedure will use local anesthesia for sedating the patient. If multiple procedures are performed at a single time then the surgeon will choose general anesthesia.
  • To make the buccal pads visible the practitioner will make incisions between the cheeks, and the gums.
  • After locating the buccal pads the surgeon will either remove them or get rid of the excess fat.
  • After sufficient fat removal, the last step is the precise closure of incisions.
  • The candidates will develop a less noticeable scar, but it will fade away within a few weeks.

Necessary Post-Care Guidelines:

To ensure proper healing, and to achieve the desired outcomes the candidates should commit to following all the aftercare guidelines that their surgeon provides them:

  • Try to have a liquid diet for a couple of days.
  • Try to avoid washing the treatment area with any harsh products.
  • Do not touch your face.
  • The swelling and bruising may last for 2 to 3 weeks, so be patient during the recovery phase.
  • After a week of complete rest, you can resume your job or other activities.

Top Five Benefits:

  • The treatment helps define and enhance the facial structure.
  • Candidates can enjoy a more slim, and defined face for life.
  • Corrects the cheek proportions.
  • You no longer have to live with a chubby face or fat cheeks.
  • A safe procedure with permanent results.

Cost Details:

Our team at Glamorous Clinic Islamabad will let you know about the final treatment charges of Buccal Fat Removal in Islamabad. Many factors may impact the final cost, such as:

  • Clinic’s location.
  • Surgeon’s experience.
  • The amount of cheek reduction a person requires.
  • Anesthesia, and medicines costs.

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