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A hypertrophic scar is formed when any wounds occur in the deeper layer of the skin and our body responds to it unusually. It is wide and thick in appearance. It also occurs when our body produces more than the required collagen in the injured area. If your hypertrophic scar is bothering you and lowering your confidence then go for Hypertrophic Scar Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. We have the most advanced treatments to help you get rid of scars. Learn more about hypertrophic scars by reading the following article.

What Causes Hypertrophic Scar?

The hypertrophic scar can be formed due to a variety of reasons. Some of the causes are listed below:

  • Piercing
  • Animal bite
  • Cuts
  • Tattoos
  • Chickenpox
  • Severe acne 
  • Burns

The major cause which is seen is the overproduction of collagen at the site of infection which leads to raised scar. And collagen production depends on the healing power of the person and the skin type. The scar can also be formed if an injury or a wound has recovered without any stitches. 


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Symptoms of Hypertrophic Scar:

Hypertrophic scars are not contagious but can be a cause of cosmetic issues and lower self confidence. Following are some signs and symptoms of the hypertrophic scar so one can easily differentiate it from other types of scars:

  • Slight pain and itching on the scar
  • The size of the scar is equivalent to the wound size
  • The scar is becoming pale and flattened with time
  • The skin of the scar area is less flexible
  • You have minor difficulty in movement
  • The skin is purple and red on the wound site
  • It can occur on any part of the body
  • Scar has developed after one month of the injury

Who Needs the Treatment?

A person whose self-confidence is lowered due to a hypertrophic scar can get the treatment. The skin care expert will examine and diagnose the hypertrophic scar and will suggest a suitable treatment for you. We have a variety of treatment options from laser treatment to surgical and the doctor will prefer the type of treatment depending on the severity of the hypertrophic scar. You should also discuss your goals and past skin allergies during the initial consultation so he chooses the treatment type accordingly.

Preparing Before the Treatment:

The most essential step before getting the treatment is to do the preparation and make your body able to undergo the treatment and get the desired results. The skin care expert will examine your skin and will give you instructions accordingly. Some of the general instructions are:

  • Avoid going in the sunlight for a long period
  • Use a good quality SPF before stepping out 
  • Avoid excessive smoking and stop using products containing alcohol
  • Stop using blood thinners as it increases the chance of bleeding
  • Do not apply makeup on the day of the treatment

Treatment Options:

The Hypertrophic Scar Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan helps to flatten the scars and reduce the appearance and color of the scar. There are different techniques used by dermatologists to remove the scars. He will recommend you based on your scar condition. Following are some best techniques used for scar removal:

  • Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a non-surgical procedure in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the scars and destroy the scars. The liquid nitrogen will help to break the scar tissue and will flatten the hypertrophic scar. It is one of the safest and non-toxic treatments to reduce the scar.

  • Surgery

Surgery is suggested by the doctor if other treatments are not working for you. The surgeon starts the procedure by numbing the treatment area. He then removes the scar tissue and closes the area with the help of sutures. The surgery helps to redirect the lines of tension at the treatment site. The surgery is usually combined with other treatments to get the best-desired results.

  • Laser Treatment

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment to treat hypertrophic scars. The laser light destroys the blood vessels and causes the growth of scar tissue. This treatment will soften the scar and will remodel it. In the case of laser treatment, you will need a few sessions depending on the severity of the scar.

  • Corticosteriod Injections

In corticosteroid injections, steroids are used to inject at the targeted area. The steroids soften the scar tissues and will also reduce the pain and itching on the treatment site. The number of injections depends on the scar.


The recovery time depends on the type of treatment selected. Usually, in the case of non-invasive treatment, it will only take a few days to recover. While if surgery is used for the treatment then it may take a few weeks to recover. During the recovery period, you should take proper care of your wound to ensure proper and timely healing.


The cost of Hypertrophic Scar Removal in Islamabad & Pakistan starts from PKR 15,000. The price will fluctuate and may increase depending on the type of treatment selected. Some factors on which price depends are the number of sessions, treatment area, the severity of the scar, dermatologist fees, and location of the certified clinic. To know the exact you can consult our team.

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