Direct Hair Implantation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

Direct Hair Implantation is a comparable technique to the FUE. Your specialist will eliminate hair follicles from a contributor region and embed them into going bald regions to develop new hair ultimately. In any case, the separating element of a DHI is that the specialist utilizes a particular embedding device to infuse the unions into the beneficiary region. So it can be said that DHI Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is the best option for all those seeking for investing their money in a guaranteed treatment that will bring them results.

Aim of the Treatment:

The basic aim or purpose of the Hair Transplant is to provide the following results:

  • Enhance the appearance of the one undergoing this treatment
  • Provide confidence to those who are going bald
  • Bring about a new look
  • Transplant healthy and effective follicles.
  • Help in the growth of new hairs
  • Cover the balding area with healthy growing hairs

Results of DHI Hair Transplant:

In comparison to other hair transplant techniques such as FUE and FUT, DHI brings a truly new invention in bring about amazing and ensured results and visible hair growth can be witnessed. Till now all the clients who have undergone this treatment are found satisfied from the results they got as well they really like it.

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Ideal Candidate:

  • It is appropriate for anybody with design sparseness that has quite recently begun or is as of now progressed.
  • It is critical to comprehend for the treatment to work there should be adequate giver hairs accessible. So we will eliminate follicles from the side and back of the head and relocate them to areas with less hair.
  • To decide if FUE hair relocation is reasonable, you can come into the center for free counsel or send us photos of your head from the back front, and sides.

Pre Procedure:

As it is necessary to take care after the DHI Hair Transplant in Islamabad & Pakistan similarly it is quite important to consider the pre-requisite or care-taking aspects to have a better result. Some of the pre-procedure requisites include:

  • Quit smoking as it is injurious to health and put a bad effect on the regrowth of hairs from the newly implanted follicles.
  • Stop taking vitamin supplements 2 weeks prior to the treatment
  • Try not to take such medicines whose results include the thickening of blood
  • Take good care of hairs hygiene


  • The specialist will manage or shave the hair on the rear of the head which is known as the Donor Area, a region that isn’t impacted by DHT chemicals to work with the joint expulsion. Then the specialist will infuse your scalp with long-lasting sedation. You will be cognizant all through the hair transplantation process, however, have no worries.
  • After the sedation produces results, the specialist will utilize the unique DHI Implanter to painstakingly eliminate the hair follicles without influencing or harming the hair unites and encompassing hair follicles.
  • The strip is analyzed, managed, and arranged into follicular units (joins) by the dermatologist. Every unit contains a various number of hair screws and is painstakingly ready for transplantation. We keep the gathered hair joins in a unique answer for increment endurance rate and development rate.
  • For the hair transplantation process, the managed units are set in the DHI Implanter and are put and embedded into the ideal region (without earlier cut as in the FUE method) without influencing the skin region a few times. Furthermore, it has some control over the heading and the level of the embedded hair follicles to give you a more normal outcome contrasted with the customary FUE procedure.


It is really very important to care for your treatment after having it to ensure the best results. Some of the basic caring aspects that are must-do for at least 4 to 5 days include:

  • Try to avoid activities that bring sweating
  • Take the prescribed medicines on time
  • Take good care of your hygiene
  • Try not to do aggressive combiningΒ 
  • Cover your head from extreme heat and sunlight.
  • Try not to touch or rub the recipient area.
  • Sleep on the safe side(untreated area)
  • Do not use sulphuric shampoo over the head
  • Do not use oils over the treated area.


This treatment is a bundle of advantages with minimal or no side effects as well it brings about maximum results than other techniques. Some of its main advantages include:

  • Because of the construction of the Choi pen, hair transplantation can be performed more quickly.
  • Since it’s an immediate technique there is less harm to the follicles during transfer.
  • The recuperating system is quicker and more limited.
  • The maintenance of hair follicles is better.
  • Hair follicles begin becoming quicker because of an absence of cell division during transfer.
  • No stitches are utilized, so there are no apparent scars.
  • There is little harm to the contributor region and recuperation is quicker.
  • A more normal look can be accomplished.

Cost of DHI Transplant Islamabad:

According to an estimate, the Cost of DHI Hair Transplant in Islamabad ranges from PKR 70,000 to PKR 200,000 depending upon multiple conditions such as the level of the clinic, the expertise of the aesthetic doctor or dermatologist in hair relocation, or specifically in DHI, the reputation of the clinic, the condition of the client or what we say the area to be relocated with hairs and many other things.

To have an accurate cost it is recommended to get consulted with the specialists yourself and have a better knowledge of the treatment as well as get charged directly in accordance with your condition.

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