The hair loss problem is one of the biggest problems for almost every single individual regardless of age and gender. Hairs are the most essential element of anyone’s appearance and due to a variety of circumstances; individuals become the victim of the massive hair fall, hair thinness, and baldness. Favourably, due to the advancements in technology individuals can now avail best hair transplant and hair replacement.

Glamorous Clinic provides one of the best Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Islamabad Pakistan.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement is an alternative procedure to hair transplant, micro-grafting hair restoration, and chemicals Medications. For several individuals, wigs, toupees, and hairpieces are referred to as “non-surgical hair replacement.” However, this is an outdated viewpoint. Currently, non-surgical hair replacement procedures have advanced significantly. They are currently the most appropriate option for many, especially men who are suffering from male-pattern baldness.

Who is the Good Candidate?

The best candidate for non-surgical hair replacement depends upon the client’s condition. The best condition is when the client has:

  • Scalp not tight and packed
  • Have no serious medical condition
  • Baldness is extreme and the transplant is not helpful


The non-surgical hair replacement pretty much assures positive outcomes. Regardless of age and gender non-surgical hair replacements work miracles on whatsoever the root cause of hair loss. Whereas the outcomes of non-surgical hair replacement are impressive, they will last 6 to 12 months. The longevity of such solutions is classified by the characteristics, reliability, and professionalism with which they were implemented.


Before undergoing the hair replacement treatment one should consider the following:

  • No smoking before 2-3 weeks prior
  • No herbal and non-herbal drink consumption
  • Do all the necessary tests before one week of the treatment
  • The procedure is highly affordable
  • Hair wigs are mostly used for this treatment


The non-surgical hair replacement in the Islamabad procedure is done under professional assistance and certified doctors. Non-surgical hair replacement is a quick and easy hair replacement procedure that approximately takes 2-3 hours. This is a non-painful procedure that attaches a thin layer of polyurethane to the scalp which forms a tight membrane, giving out the shape of the second layer of skin. The replacement previously been implanted with human hair, customize the near to similar characteristics of hair of the client.  These characteristics include specific:

  • Colour
  • Match
  • Density
  • Selection
  • Direction of implant
  • Hair wave
  • Crown
  • Parting breaks among other feature

Post-Procedural Care:

Non-surgical hair replacement treatment mostly takes 3-7 days to settle. A little discomfort here and there is normal but if one takes all the precautionary measures and care tips the doctor prescribes, it is not hard to get adjusted.

Cost of Non Surgical Hair Replacement:

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is affordable and easy on the pocket as it doesn’t require any major/technical procedural methods.

Pros and Cons:


  • Instant guaranteed outcomes
  • Convincing outlook
  • Most affordable than hair transplant
  • No side-effects


  • Required more care and maintenance
  • Not the real hair
  • Usually of low quality
  • Replacing the hair after few months or so

Why Choose Us?

Glamorous Clinic is a fine, homes like environment with professional staff and certified doctor that care for you. Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Pakistan is best performed here by taking all precautionary measures under strict observation. We care are here to serve the best care at an affordable price as well as assure quality and reliability for future reference.

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