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It’s crucial to understand that anybody can develop hives. Hives can affect everyone, regardless of gender or age though some individuals may be at a larger risk than others. The widespread ailment is discussed below, along with information as to what causes hives, Hives Treatment in Islamabad Rawalpindi & Pakistan if they occur, and how to avoid them from happening again. Continue reading to know all about it 

What Causes Hives?

Chemicals and other substances are released into the bloodstream as a result of an adverse response to something. This results in sensations including inflammation and stinging.  Hives frequently occur in individuals with additional illnesses, including hay fever. It can appear anywhere on the skin. The signs, which may include airway obstruction, can be serious when they develop near the throat or mouth.

Numerous things can cause hives, including:

  • a pet’s fur 
  • mosquito bites
  • Medications
  • Seafood, salmon, nuts, poultry, dairy, and other meals can contain pollen.

Occasionally hives come as a surprise and there is no apparent explanation. It can be brought on by a wide range of factors, such as tension, the common cold, exertion, and temperature fluctuations. Persistent hives may be a symptom of a deeper disease like lupus.

When to Consult a Skin Specialist?

A person should visit a doctor if their hives persist for over six weeks. The person should be seen by a specialist if the allergies are ever accompanied by other signs which may include fainting, lack of breath, trouble breathing, noisy gasping for air, wheezing, chest infection, puffiness of the tongue, constriction in the larynx, speech difficulties, throaty voice, losing consciousness, fainting, and/or turning pale and floppy. 


Schedule a consultation with a general practitioner, specialist, or allergist who is board-certified. The specialist should still be seen even though the majority of those with hives are generally healthy. A standard clinical examination can assist in excluding probable reasons, including an illness or medicine, that may be resulting in rashes.

A condition like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or a hormonal issue might also cause hives. Medical tests can identify or check out these factors if symptoms point to them as a potential cause. In addition to foods, bug bites, and strain on the skin, hives can also be brought on by medicines and health issues. The actual reason for the ailment is diagnosed by the skin specialist by carrying out tests. 

Treatment Alternatives:

To relieve severe or persistent hives, a doctor may prescribe steroids, which help lessen the immunological reaction to the allergens, as well as other drugs. Continuous non-drowsy antihistamines can be extremely helpful if used at nighttime if prescribed to treat irritation. The following options for Hives Treatment in Islamabad & Pakistan are available at the clinic:

  • Antihistamines: These drugs can reduce itching and inflammation. Some antihistamines, including cetirizine, loratadine, and Benadryl, are available over the counter. It is advised to take Benadryl at bedtime because it can make you tired. Doxepin may be recommended by the specialist if the patients require a more powerful antihistamine.
  • Omalizumab: Patients would administer this injection drug themselves to address persistent hives. It is administered if antihistamines are ineffective.
  • A calming anti-itch gel or ointment, such as Prax, can be prescribed to provide the individual with momentary respite from the itching.
  • Auto-injector: Also referred to as Epinephrine, this drug is used to treat a potentially fatal allergic response.
  • Corticosteroid: Prednisone can help with extreme hives by reducing itching and irritation. The skin specialist could suggest a corticosteroid that one can use topically on the skin to aid with the itching if one has more minor hives.
  • The therapy program will be created specifically for an individual after a thorough examination and diagnosis of the ailment. It could involve several of the following treatments:
  • When antihistamines are ineffective, light therapy, also known as phototherapy, maybe a good non-invasive option. It involves multiple trips to the specialist or phototherapy health clinic every week for a few months.
  • Additional drugs as required: Hives can occasionally be difficult to manage. If antihistamines and other therapies are ineffective, the specialist will take into account the specific requirements and might recommend cyclosporine or hydroxychloroquine. These drugs function to reduce the body’s immune sensitivity and prevent overreaction.

Insurance Coverage:

The treatment cost of Hives is usually covered by the health insurance of an individual. This is because the treatment is medically important for the well-being of the person. The insurance also most often covers the cost of the medicines prescribed by the dermatologist. However, insurance providers should be contacted to confirm the coverage of the treatment.

One should also phone the clinic and find out if they accept the coverage before your initial consultation. The majority of clinics accept a variety of insurance. Enquire about financial arrangements to assist in paying for the treatment if the clinic doesn’t accept the coverage. The person should be aware that they could be required to pay some amount at the appointment, so they should make sure to have the money available.


The average cost of Hives Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan may range from Rs. ___ to Rs. ___. It depends on various factors like the severity of the illness, the treatment method adopted by the doctor, and the reaction of the individual to that treatment technique. It also depends on the possibility of additional appointments in case the patient does not feel better. All the factors play a major role in determining the total cost of the therapy.

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