Deep Cleansing Facial in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

Human skin can develop different skin issues due to various environmental factors. The skin pores can become clogged due to dirt and pollution. The blocked pores can be a cause of acne, blackheads, and dull and dry complexion. Therefore keeping the skin clean from dirt and sweat is necessary to avoid skin irregularities. Deep Cleansing Facial in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is the best facial treatment to get flawless skin. The best thing about this facial is that it is suitable for every skin type. If you are interested in getting the facial then keep reading the following article to know everything about it.

What is a Deep Cleansing Facial?

It is a multi-step facial procedure in which the skin is first cleansed from all the impurities and then different serums and peeling solutions are applied to get the best version of your skin. It is a non-surgical and painless facial that will give you a smoother and refreshed look in a very less time. A deep cleansing facial must be performed by a skilled dermatologist, he will do a skin analysis and will use the latest technology to deliver instant results.


This facial procedure is becoming famous for all its benefits. Some of the benefits of a deep cleansing facial include:

  • It will cleanse the pores deeply
  • It will boost skin renewal
  • It will give a glowing and clear complexion
  • It is a highly effective treatment for acne
  • It does not require any downtime to recover
  • It will extract all the white heads and blackheads
  • It will remove skin pigmentation and freckles and blemishes 
  • It also gives enough elasticity to the skin
  • It will moisturize the skin deeply

Right Candidate for the Treatment:

The skin care expert will examine your skin condition and will determine if the treatment is beneficial for you or not. As it is a safe procedure but there is a certain criterion for the patients to fall in the candidacy criteria. You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You have oily and uneven skin tone
  • You are suffering from acne, blemishes, and freckles 
  • You are looking for a non-invasive treatment
  • You are not suffering from acute acne
  • You are not having any skin infections or allergies
  • You are not a chain smoker
  • You have fine lines and wrinkles
  • You have large open pores
  • You are overall a healthy person
  • You do not have skin burns

Results of Deep Cleansing Facial:

The most famous Deep Cleansing Facial in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is a non-invasive procedure and thus gives you instant results. Your skin becomes smooth, younger, and refreshed right after the facial. The results of the facial treatment are not permanent and will last from a few weeks to months. If you want to maintain the results then you should go for follow-up sessions. To get the best-desired results you should follow all the instructions of the dermatologist.

Best Deep Cleansing Facial Clinic in Islamabad & Rawalpindi  Best Deep Cleansing Facial Clinic in Islamabad  Best Deep Cleansing Facial in Islamabad

Deep Cleansing Facial Clinic in Islamabad & Rawalpindi  Deep Cleansing Facial Clinic in Rawalpindi  Deep Cleansing Facial in Islamabad

Pre-Procedure Instructions:

The skin care expert will do a physical examination of your skin and will give you pre-procedures accordingly. He may ask about your past skin allergies or any infection, you should inform the dermatologist if you have sensitive skin so that he may perform a patch test. Some of the general instructions are as follows:

  • Keep your skin away from direct sunlight
  • Do not use any new skincare product
  • Quit drinking and smoking before one week of the facial
  • Use of SPF is a must before going out
  • Do not use makeup products before coming for the treatment

Deep Cleansing Facial Procedure:

The deep cleansing procedure is performed in four different steps and the steps may vary for everyone depending on the skin requirement. Following are some basic steps:

  • Peeling

The dermatologist starts the facial by exfoliating the skin layer, he may apply chemical peels depending on the sensitivity level of the skin. The chemical peel will exfoliate the skin and will remove the damaged layer of the skin. If your skin is sensitive to chemicals then he may also use microdermabrasion for exfoliating the skin.

  • Pores Extraction

After exfoliating, the skin care expert uses microneedles to extract the dirt and dust from the pores. The extraction process is completely painless so no need to worry about it. The dermatologist may skip this step if you have active acne to avoid scarring.

  • Hydration

After exfoliating and extracting steps the skin care expert uses special serums and anti-aging serums to massage into the skin layer. He will use special lotions to make your skin hydrated and fresh.

  • Face Mask

The last step includes applying a face mask which helps in deeper penetration of the serums into the skin layer. The face mask also gives a tightening effect to the skin. This step also reduces the redness which is caused by other facial steps.

Recovery Time:

You do not require any healing time and can continue your activities right after the deep cleansing facial. You will notice slight redness which will fade away in a few minutes. However, taking care of the skin is necessary after the facial. The skin expert will give you instructions according to your skin condition.

Cost of Deep Cleansing Facial:

The cost of a Deep Cleansing Facial in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan can be determined after an initial consultation. As the price depends on some factors such as:

  • Number of sessions
  • Skin condition
  • Dermatologist fees
  • The pricing policy of the clinic

To know the exact cost you can contact our team.

Consult the Best Dermatologist:

If you have concerns regarding facial skin and you have dull and dry skin then you should consult the best dermatologist as we have in the Glamorous clinic in Islamabad. Our dermatologist uses the latest techniques and treatments to give you the desired results. You can book an appointment with us by filling out the consultation form and our team will guide you further.