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Unlike breast augmentation, the breast reduction procedure reduces the mass of the breast, since excessively large breasts can lead to physiological and mental problems. Some women naturally have large breasts in relation to their body proportions. The size and weight of the breasts can lead to limited mobility and exercise. Large breasts can lead to posture problems, shoulder and neck tension, and headaches.

Often women with large breasts complain about violations of self-perception, and the sensations of their body, sometimes not so rarely, there are also mental problems. All of this can be corrected with the help of Breast Reduction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a way to reduce oversized breasts. Depending on the initial size, the volume by which the breast will be reduced will be determined. Whether your desires can be fully satisfied, you should talk to your surgeon. Very often, in addition to surgery, a breast lift and relocation of the nipples to a new location is also required. Also, with the help of the operation, the differences between the mammary glands will be smoothed out.

Sometimes the ability to lactate may be limited due to breast reduction. If you plan to have children in the near future, you should postpone the operation to a later date.


Changing the size and shape of the breast is a complete plastic surgery. The expected positive results of this procedure include the correction of the unevenness of the breasts, almost imperceptible scars, visible proportionality of the gland in general and the areola in particular, the harmony of the breast size obtained as a result of surgical intervention, and the preservation of blood circulation in the tissues and sensitivity of the nipples.

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Ideal Candidate:

Today, plastic surgery is a simple and safe method of correcting the appearance, allowing you to quickly reduce the size of your breasts and achieve the desired result. This procedure has a number of contraindications that must be taken into account if you want to sign up for mammoplasty:

  • Age up to 18 years
  • The active phase of growth of tumours of any nature
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • The presence of skin diseases in the area of ​​the planned surgical intervention
  • Exacerbation of infectious and inflammatory processes in the body
  • Low blood clotting
  • Decompensation stage of diseases of a neurological nature, as well as the cardiovascular system
  • Severe pathologies of internal organs.

In the presence of any of these factors, the surgeon has the right to refuse the patient to undergo breast reduction surgery. That is why a preliminary consultation with a specialist is a mandatory procedure. Only he can say for sure whether surgery will be performed or not.


To reduce all possible risks of negative consequences, as well as to exclude the presence of any conditions that make you unsuitable for the treatment, the patient will need to undergo a number of preliminary procedures and examinations.

It is also important to tell your doctor if you can’t stop taking any medications. First of all, this applies to drugs that affect blood clotting. You can get a complete list of recommendations and explanations during the initial consultation with a plastic surgeon.


General anaesthesia is used for reduction. Because the mammary gland is mostly made up of adipose tissue, the excess is excised uniformly on both sides to the appropriate size during the procedure. Asymmetry means that the procedure is only done on one breast.

  • Reduction of plastic most often consists of the following items:
  • Removal of excess skin
  • Resection of the glandular layer and adipose tissue
  • Areola and nipple transfer
  • Formation of an anatomically correct and aesthetically beautiful breast shape.

Because the procedure affects not just adipose tissue but also the skin, it is possible to achieve not only a reduction in size but also a natural breast lift.

Because the female breast is a sensitive location, this procedure should only be performed by an expert plastic surgeon. Each case must be treated carefully to avoid difficulties and to prevent the breast from losing sensitivity.


The Breast Reduction in Islamabad Pakistan requires a stay in the clinic for 2-3 days. The sutures are removed on the 8-10th day, within 3-4 weeks it is necessary to wear compression underwear. Follow these instructions for a smooth recovery:

  • For the first 3 weeks, you need to sleep with a slightly raised head and shoulders
  • From the first day after the operation, you can take a warm shower.
  • Compression underwear must be worn continuously for 1 month. During the day, several times lasting 10-20 minutes, it is allowed to remove underwear.
  • If you smoke, it is advisable to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked a month before the operation and try to smoke less the first month after.
  • Do not do any rigorous exercises for 4 weeks after the surgery
  • You can go to work on your own. You can drive on the 7th day after the operation.


The cost of Breast Reduction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan can range from PKR 100,000 to PKR 200,000. The cost will be determined by the doctor after the initial consultation because it is impacted by several factors.  

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