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People who have some hair loss issues need treatments that can treat their hair loss problems. To carry out these procedures there is always a need for an expert trichologist because the effect of the treatment mainly depends on the expertise of the doctor. An expert doctor can treat even your bad conditions really easily. So if you are having hair fall issues you can meet the Best Trichologists in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan who will carry out the process efficiently and the results will be fabulous. Read more about the best one below!

What is Trichologist?

A trichologist is a practitioner who can treat problems related to the hair by advising people about the hair routines that can solve hair issues. They are educated about the hair and scalp.  These are not doctors but they give advice to the people. The name for the trichologist has come from the Greek work Trikhos meaning hair. The complications related to the hair such as dryness, Hair Transplant and hair fall are treated by the procedure. 


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What is the Duty of a Trichologist?

He is responsible for examining the hair routines, diet, and medications of the patient. Different sorts of hair problems can be treated by the process. After a proper examination of the patient, the doctor will suggest the best treatment that can be received by the patient. These procedures will improve the health of hair and scalp issues. 

Problems that can be treated by the procedure are scalp psoriasis, hair loss, hair damage, and the alopecia areata. They can not prescribe any medicines and drugs also surgical procedures can be done.

Time to Meet a Trichologist:

When you face such symptoms or issues that are present below then this is the time to visit a trichologist. These problems should not be taken for granted. These are mentioned below:

  • People who are having baldness issues need to visit the physician
  • The problems like dandruff, excessive oil production from hair 
  • Breaking of hair dir to dryness or thinning
  • People who want to enhance their confidence 
  • Alopecia problem and excessive hair growth
  • When you are feeling physically and mentally strong

When you are having such sort of issues then you should immediately consult a doctor because otherwise, it can lead to more problems, causing complications that are then difficult to handle. 

Problems that can be Treated by the Doctor:

Having issues related to the scalp can be tackled by the Best Trichologist in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. The list of such problems is diverse. Most hair problems can be tackled by a doctor. The problems are as follows:

Hair Fall:

One of the most common problems that happen among men and women these days is the hair loss issue. There are many reasons for this hair fall in people. Such reasons are mainly the history of the family. People get genes from their parents that cause the loss of hair. Sometimes, hormonal changes or medications stimulate the problem. If a person gets exposed to radiation. Stress and hairstyling are also a source of hair fall. Baldness can be treated by trichologists. The physicians can suggest a better routine or habits by which you can control your hair fall. 

Issues Related to the Scalp:

There are many issues related to the scalp that can be treated by a doctors. The reasons for such scalp issues may be the medications people use, stress, or some kind of reaction to the skin. The scalp becomes dry and sometimes excessively oily. The medic will recommend a cream or an ointment to treat the issue. Injections are also in use. 

Excess Hair Growth:

Sometimes, women face more hair on some parts whereas normally man has hair but due to unbalancing of some hormones the hair get more visible on the face, chin, chest, and back. This is due to the hirsutism in which the male hormone dominates the female hormones. Medical conditions like PCOS cause such issues. Your trichologist will help you with such problems.  First by diagnosing a root cause for the issue. 

Tips to Avoid Hair Issues:

Whenever you take care of yourself you will face fewer issues same is the case for your hair. To maintain your hair health and to make them strong so that no hair fall occurs you should follow some guidelines in your daily life. These are the ones mentioned below:

  • Avoid dying your hair
  • If you feel like your hair is getting dry or thin consult the doctor
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Avoid using chemical-based hair products in your daily routine
  • Do combing when you have taken a bath
  • Do not make hairstyles that cause stretching to the scalp and cause breakage of hair strands 

Best Trichologists in Islamabad:

When you visit the Best Trichologists in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan you get the best results regarding your hair problems. Your hair appears smooth and nourished after getting advice or treatment by visiting a trichologist. When you are consulting a doctor stop using straighteners and any chemicals on the scalp while your consultation period to get a speedy solution. Our trichologists are working for years and know how to take care of the scalp properly. The results obtained by the procedures are permanent. There is a solution to your every hair problem!

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