Who does not want to have a slimmer and sculpted body? There are number of effective treatments that we are offering to help you fulfill your dream of having a perfect body shape. Laser liposuction is among these treatments and has gained a lot of popularity all around the globe. Laser liposuction is also known as laser lipolysis or smart lipo. It involves the use of laser energy to target extra fat cells of the body. It not only removes fat but also stimulates collagen production due to which significant results of skin tightening are also obtained.

Laser lipolysis is safe and suitable for all small and large parts of the body including buttocks, neck, chest, hips, abdomen, flanks, etc. It helps people to get an improved physical appearance in just a few months. The procedure is simple and usually lasts for 1-2 hours. It reshapes the body and protects the skin from further sagging. The treatment has a short recovery period but your physical activities will be disturbed after it. It is important to keep your expectations realistic regarding the outcomes of laser liposuction treatment.


You are a candidate for Laser Liposuction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan if diet or exercise is not helping you to remove localized fat deposits from the body. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of laser liposuction procedure. But before the treatment, it is important for the patient to meet the following candidacy criteria

  • You should be over 18 and also mentally and physically stable
  • You want to get a firm, tight and healthy skin
  • You want to regain your confidence
  • You shouldn’t be a chain smoker roar drinker
  • You are not ready to undergo surgical liposuction procedure
  • You are not over-weight but have unwanted fat deposits in some area


As a result of the treatment, you will get an elegant physical appearance and improved body profile. The time required by the results to appear, vary from person to person. In most cases, they take several months to become noticeable. Maintain your overall body weight and keep your diet healthy to sustain the results.


Consider this treatment if you want to get an ideal figure and improved overall appearance. The treatment provides many benefits to the people who want to get rid of extra fat pockets from the body. Some of them are listed below,

  • The treatment is minimally invasive therefore involves a quick recovery
  • The procedure is painless and no general anesthesia is required
  • After the treatment, you will be able to wear your favorite clothes
  • Reshapes body by permanently removing unnecessary body fats


You need to prepare yourself if you want to get best results of treatment. Here are few tips for you,

  • Discontinue taking herbal supplements some days prior to the treatment
  • Stop smoking for a month before the treatment
  • Take prescribed medications as per the instructions of your doctor
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages 2 weeks prior to the treatment
  • Inform the doctor about the allergies, current and past medical conditions


Laser liposuction procedure takes about two to three hours for its completion. The surgeon performs the following steps during Laser lipo in Islamabad,

  1. The treatment area is cleaned and local anesthesia is given to keep you calm during the procedure
  2. A small incision is made and a cannula having laser fiber is inserted in the skin
  3. The inserted cannula is moved back and forth and laser energy is delivered to melt or liquefy fat in the targeted area
  4. The melted fat cells are moved out of the body through the lymphatic system


Some common aftercare instructions of laser liposuction treatment are,

  • Wear compressions garments for at least 3-4 days after the surgery
  • Best rest is recommended immediately after the treatment
  • Avoid strenuous exercises and vigorous activities for 2 weeks post-procedure
  • Drink plenty of water, fruit juices to keep your body hydrated
  • Take prescribed pain killers to minimize the pain


You will experience soreness, puffiness, discomfort, pain, and bruising in the treatment site for some days after the treatment. There is nothing to worry about because they are temporary. You may return to normal activities after 3 days of the treatment.

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