Different types of skin pigmentation occur on the skin surface. Skin pigmentation is a major skin issue that affects the physical appearance of the person and is caused due to excess production of melanin in the body. When our body is exposed to excessive sunlight it results in sun-damaged skin and our skin changes its colour and different types of pigmentation start occurring on the skin. Dermal pigmentation can occur in three categories such as epidermal, melasma, and junctional. But do not worry if you have skin pigmentation then you can undergo the Dermal Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. There are different treatment options ranging from lightning creams to laser treatment.

Causes of Pigmentation:

There are various causes of pigmentation. Some of the main causes are:

  • Exposure to UV rays and heat
  • Skin disorders
  • Use of certain medications
  • Ageing process
  • Any trauma to the skin
  • Use of cosmetic products
  • Hormonal changes
  • Skin allergies
  • Excessive production of melanin


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Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Treatment?

Before choosing the type of treatment the skin care expert will do a physical examination of the skin and will determine the cause of hyperpigmentation. After that, he will tell you whether the pigmentation treatment can help you or not. You can benefit from the treatment if:

  • You are suffering from hypo and hyperpigmentation
  • You are having melasma, albinism, and vitiligo
  • You are sensitive to pain and want a non-surgical procedure
  • You are above the age of 30
  • You have sun-damaged skin and have sunspots
  • Another pigmentation treatment is not working for you
  • You want a painless treatment
  • You are having positive and realistic expectations about the outcomes

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

The skin care expert will give you some instructions which you need to follow before the treatment procedure to get the best-desired results and a quick recovery. He may also suggest you some diagnostic tests to analyse the type of hyperpigmentation. Some of the best pre-procedural instructions given by the dermatologist are:

  • You should not go in direct sunlight for a long time
  • If it is necessary to go out then use SPF, wear shades and protect your skin
  • Avoid tanning beds and tanning products
  • Quit smoking and drinking to get the maximum results
  • You should not use products that can be damaging to the skin
  • Minimise the use of cosmetic products 
  • Do not take blood thinners as it will result in excessive bleeding


Laser Treatment is the most effective treatment technique for treating hyperpigmentation. The skin care expert uses a laser device on the targeted area to get rid of any type of hyperpigmentation. The procedure begins after cleansing the treatment area. After that laser light is directed toward the targeted area, the laser light is of a specific wavelength and depends on the skin condition of the patient. After that, the laser will heat up the skin cells which will break melanin and thus reduce dermal pigmentation. Laser is the most convenient procedure as it can be used on any part of the body. 

Recovery and Aftercare Instructions:

After the Dermal Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi you will notice minor redness on the treatment area and the sensitivity level of the skin increases. The recovery time depends on the skin condition, as it is a non-invasive treatment so the patient can continue their activities right after the treatment. But it is very important to take proper care of the skin during the recovery period to avoid any type of side effect. The skin care expert may give you certain aftercare instructions:

  • Avoid the use of products that has acetone and retinol
  • Take the prescribed medicines on time
  • You can use cold compresses to avoid pain and swelling
  • You should protect the skin from harmful sun rays
  • Use a medicated and high-quality sunblock before going out
  • Do not apply makeup on the same day of treatment
  • Do not pick the scabs which can form after treatment, as picking them can cause scarring 
  • You should avoid taking alcoholic products


The cost of Dermal Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan starts from PKR 10,000. The price may increase depending on some factors. The skin care experts decide the price depending on some factors. Such as the number of sessions, treatment area size, type of hyperpigmentation, and pricing policy of the clinic. Want to know the exact cost then contact our team.

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