Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad Pakistan Glamorous Clinic

Women crave long and thick eyelashes and apply coats of mascaras to achieve the desired eyelashes. Many people are blessed with long and voluminous lashes and due to this they have an eye-opening effect and their eyes look prettier. If you want a semi-permanent or long-lasting voluminous eyelash look then choose the Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad Pakistan. These extensions are the latest trend in the beauty industry. It is a simple, although costly, technique to enhance your natural eyelashes without the use of mascara or artificial lashes. Individually placed lashes can appear very natural.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a beauty enhancement technique that involves applying synthetic or natural hair fibers to the lash line with surgical glue. These extensions are carefully glued to the base of each natural eyelash, creating a fuller, more dramatic appearance. The lashes can be applied as a full set or individually, depending on the desired result.

Individual eyelashes provide a more detailed and customized appearance, but they take longer to apply. A complete set of eyelash extensions, on the other hand, is a faster solution for those who want to achieve a bold and glamorous look with little effort. This procedure also improves the facial aesthetic and gives you an attractive look.

Results of the Procedure:

You can expect a stunning transformation in your appearance right after the procedure. As this cosmetic procedure does not need any downtime you can enjoy the benefits without any recovery period. The procedure will add volume and curl to the natural lashes, when the procedure is performed by an expert then the results will last for about 2 months and after that, you will need to visit the clinic and opt for another sitting eyelash extension. The success rate typically remains high, however allergic responses to the glue might occur. Clients might improve their confidence with attractive eyes. 


  • It will give you gorgeous and fluttering eyelashes.
  • The eyelashes can be customized according to every person’s requirements.
  • It removes the need for daily mascara application.
  • With proper care, you can enjoy long-term results.
  • Wake up with effortlessly glamorous eyes.
  • Save yourself the hassle of daily makeup routines.
  • Customize the length, thickness, and curl to fit your style.
  • Premium materials and adhesives provide a comfortable and safe experience.
  • Enjoy a polished appearance without all of the hassle.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Before getting the Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad you must follow the dermatologist’s instructions, as with the right care you can get a smooth procedure. Following are some guidelines which you need to follow:

  • To ensure proper adhesion, arrive with eyes that are clean and makeup-free.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remove them before the procedure.
  • Communicate your desired length, thickness, and style to the technician.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing to help you relax during the procedure.
  • Make sure you’re well-rested for a more enjoyable experience.

Types of Lashes:

Synthetic Lashes:

Synthetic eyelash extensions are made of man-made materials, usually acrylic or polyester fibers. They are a popular choice for those who want a bold, dramatic look. Synthetic lashes are known for their uniform length and thickness, resulting in a consistent appearance.

Mink Lashes:

Mink eyelash extensions are made from mink fur, known for its soft texture and natural appearance. These lashes have a luxurious and lightweight feel, mimicking the appearance of natural lashes. Mink lashes are highly valued for their realistic appearance and comfort.

Silk Eyelashes: 

Silk eyelash extensions are made with synthetic silk fibers. They balance the boldness of synthetic lashes with the natural appearance of mink lashes. Silk lashes are popular for their soft and glossy texture, which adds a glamorous yet subtle enhancement to the eyes.

Lash Extension Application Process:

Before the procedure, the lash artist will ask about your desired goals and will choose the lashes depending on the thickness and length you want. After that, he will cleanse the eye area to remove any dirt or make-up from that area. He will then use gel or tap to keep the lower lash line away and for a smooth background. He will dip the eyelash in the eyelash glue and apply it on the natural eyelashes with the help of tweezers. The number of lashes will depend on the desired goals and the whole procedure will take 1 or 2 hours to complete. After completing the procedure he will remove the tape or gel and will guide you to sit so that the eyelash glue will dry. At the end of the procedure, you will get attractive eyes with voluminous lashes.

Eyelashes Extensions in Islamabad Near Me:

At the Glamorous Clinic, which is located in the heart of Islamabad you can get the best eyelash extensions. As our clinic has the best lash experts who perform the procedure according to the client’s requirements. So if you are looking for the best beauty clinic near you then choose us for the beauty treatments as we offer different aesthetic and cosmetic procedures at an affordable rate.

Price of Eyelash Extension in Islamabad:

The Price of an Eyelash Extension in Islamabad Pakistan starts from PKR 12,000 to PKR 13,999. The price will increase as it depends on various factors like the type and length of eyelashes, desired goals, lash expert fees and the location of the clinic. If you want to know the cost of your procedure then consult our experts.

Final Thoughts!

Eyelash extensions require regular upkeep. If you take proper care of your eyelash extensions and obtain refills every two to three weeks, they can last a long time. So enhance your look by getting eyelash extensions from the Glamorous Clinic. Book your appointment now by filling out the consultation form and we will contact you shortly.