DMK Enzyme Therapy in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan DMK Cost

Many people are dealing with clogged pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin. These are different skin concerns that can be caused due to various factors. If you are looking to slow down the signs of ageing then you must consider DMK Enzyme Therapy in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. This treatment acts as an all-in-one skin booster that improves collagen production and acts as a detoxifier for the skin. After getting this amazing treatment you will get firmer, radiant, and glowing skin as it improves blood circulation and restores the level of oxygen in the body.

What is Enzyme Therapy?

In enzyme therapy, plant-based enzymes are used during the facial which exfoliates the skin and generates new skin cells. You will need about 6 sessions to get the results. In the treatment procedure, a mask which contains special enzymes is applied on the treatment area which results in boosting the natural enzyme production and thus giving you beautiful and younger-looking skin. 

Aim of the Treatment:

The DMK enzyme therapy aims to target various skin concerns. Some main aims of the treatment are:

  • It aims to make your skin plumper by boosting collagen production
  • It helps to break the damaged skin cells
  • It increases the cellular activity of the skin
  • It introduces a lot of nutrients to the skin 
  • To reduces the acne marks and hyperpigmentation
  • It aims to tighten the facial and neck skin
  • It helps to treat the saggy skin
  • It improves blood circulation and oxygenation in the skin


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Right Candidate for the Treatment:

Although DMK Enzyme Therapy in Islamabad & Rawalpindi is non-invasive and non-surgical, there is a certain criterion that determines whether you can get the treatment or not. The dermatologist will examine your skin and may ask about your previous medical history related to skin infection or allergies or may perform a patch test. After that, he will determine if you fall in the candidacy criteria or not. You are the right candidate for DMK enzyme therapy if:

  • You are looking forward to a beautiful and younger-looking skin
  • You are having uneven skin texture and tone
  • The loose and saggy skin is lowering your confidence
  • You are tired of wrinkles and fine lines
  • You have sun-damaged skin 
  • You want to get a tighter skin 
  • You want to treat acne and clogged pores
  • You are above the age of 30

Preparation Before the Enzyme Therapy:

It is a safe and gentle procedure that’s why everyone loves this treatment. The enzyme therapy does not need much preparation. But to get the maximum results it is necessary to follow some instructions from the skin care expert. Following are some tips for you:

  • Do not wear makeup before one day or at least 24 hours
  • Make sure that you do not get sunburn or wounds on the targeted area as after the treatment it can cause inflammation
  • Stay away from the sun so that the enzyme applied to the skin during the treatment does not affect the skin


The skin care therapist will first cleanse the facial and neck area and he will prepare the specialised enzyme mask. He will then apply the mask to the treatment area. And after 40 to 50 minutes when the mask will become thick and hard he will remove the mask. During this period, you may feel some pressure or a pulsing sensation but it is timely and after some time, this feeling will fade away. After completing the procedure the dermatologist will apply the serum on your face which will ensure healing and for soothing the skin.

What to Expect after the Treatment?

You may experience redness right after the treatment and the skin will return to its normal skin colour after 10 to 15 minutes. There are no such side effects of DMK enzyme therapy. But to get the best results without any complications, you must follow the aftercare instructions given by the skin care expert. Some of them are:

  • Do not engage in strenuous or hard activity which can cause excess sweating 
  • Take the prescribed medicines on time
  • Apply the ointments and creams for faster healing
  • Quit smoking and drinking for 2 weeks after the treatment

DMK Enzyme Therapy Cost:

The cost of DMK Enzyme Therapy in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is different for everyone. The price depends on several factors such as the number of sessions, the size of the treatment area, dermatologist fees, and the pricing policy of the clinic. If you want to know the exact cost then you can contact our team.

Final Thoughts!

People who want to look younger without any skin issues can easily book skin analysis appointments with the Glamorous Clinic and you can discuss enzyme therapy and its benefits. If you have further queries related to the treatment then you can ask questions freely. We have a highly expert and skilled team that will guide you in the best way.