Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

As time passes, the necessity for skin renewal grows more urgent. There are additional reasons why one could search out skincare procedures irrespective of the fact that the skin may need it for care. These consist of; the presence of fine lines and creases, scarred acne,  challenging to treat aggressive acne with cosmetics,  sunkissed skin, and rough and flaky skin. Such individuals may opt for various skin care treatments. They want to achieve the greatest outcomes possible, regardless of the kind of cosmetic therapy they’re thinking about. Combining their therapy with PRP therapy is one approach to make sure of that, as platelet-rich plasma promotes and accelerates healing. While PRP can enhance the results of many different procedures, we highly advise combining it with dermal fillers. Read more to learn all about Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan.

Essence of Treatment:

This latest treatment which makes use of cutting-edge science and technology is ground-breaking therapy that can significantly minimize the look of aging. Fillers are a short-term fix for re-plumping creases, folds, and drooping areas like the cheekbones, but the majority of fillers do not even actively promote skin texture renewal. Filling that hole with PRP allows you to achieve longer-lasting effects organically when using dermal fillers.

Results of the Therapy:

PRP, a type of plasma “diamond” made from the participant’s plasma, is crucial in correcting common aging symptoms. When dermal fillers are combined with volumetric repair, the result is skin that is refreshed, moisturized, and appears youthful. PRP and dermal fillers in Islamabad are often regarded as the ideal anti-aging face enhancer. Because this is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, the process usually takes one hour. Hyaluronic acid injections and platelet-rich blood (PRP) treatment produce immediate effects without scarring.

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Benefits of Combining PRP with Fillers:

Firstly, therapy is beneficial for everybody. Since platelet-rich plasma is created from a tiny portion of the individual’s blood, the skin texture or skin tone has no impact on the procedure, and there is no chance of an adverse reaction or rejection. The element of blood known as platelets is in charge of distributing compounds, which promote the healing of wounds and the development of new cells. The procedure works well to help to improve not just on the face but almost all over the body.

It is advised to address issues including underage spots, fine lines underneath the eyes, creases, discoloration, sagging skin, sexual augmentation (for men and women), and even loss of hair. It also helps to encourage overall enhancement in skin complexion and texture. Pimple scars are healed, brow and glabellar grooves (between the brows) are lessened, and the creases from the edges of the mouth to the jawline are improved (marionette lines). Additionally, it makes lip wrinkles and crow’s feet look better. Additionally, it promotes young skin.

Who can Get the Treatment?

To be considered for the Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad & Rawalpindi a possible candidate must meet specific requirements and should: Have reasonable expectations for the predicted outcomes.

  • You should be in a good mental and physical state.
  • not be breastfeeding or expectant
  • being not malnourished
  • Do not smoke.

Why use PRP with Fillers?

The platelets include enzymes and development factors that help to renew elastin, and when they are infused into the epidermis, they unleash their healing potential, restoring the skin’s appearance and regenerating creased, scarred, and stretch marks. Natural skin suppleness is preserved by protein, a substance of the skin. The skin is much improved when PRP and fillers are applied together rather than when they are applied individually.


The patient is assessed to determine whether it is appropriate to continue with the process before any treatment or skin therapy. To make sure the individual is a good candidate for the treatment, blood tests and a pre-anesthetic assessment are also conducted. The skincare expert then offers some instructions on how to get ready for the procedure. A list of dos and don’ts is also included. For instance, the patient might be instructed to abstain from smoking, vaping, or consuming alcohol before the treatment. This is because it might have an impact on the therapy’s outcomes.


A thorough discussion and evaluation with our board-certified dermatologist in the clinics is the first phase of a filler injectable with PRP therapy to create a plan for the patient for each client.

The next step is to schedule an appointment with a highly skilled and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Platelet Rich Plasma and anti-aging operations to have filler injections done in conjunction with PRP treatment. The treatment takes 45 to 1 hour, and a topical anesthetic is employed.

The person’s arm is pricked by the doctor while receiving therapy, which is performed in a clinic. The blood platelets are subsequently centrifuged to separate them and concentrate them, yielding the PRP component. Following the injection of platelets into the face or another target location, a dermal filler is also administered to create volume correction beneath the skin. To get better outcomes, you might operate twice.

Through planned follow-up appointments, the skilled plastic surgeon follows the person throughout the entirety of the recovery and rehabilitation process.

Post-Care and Recovery:

The recovery and regeneration processes start right away, and the patient typically experiences some skin stiffness. He or she also has little bruising and some skin redness, both of which go away within a few hours. There is no downtime throughout the therapy, and the client can carry on with daily tasks as usual.


The average cost for Filler Injections with PRP in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan typically ranges from ___ to ___. Several factors impact the total cost of the treatment. This includes the number of injections required, the current condition of the patient, the size of the treatment area, the expectation of the individual, and the clinic’s reputation where the therapy is carried out.

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