Lipoma is a tumours fatty lump that steadily increases in size, mainly under the skin. Due to being harmless, many aestheticians called it a benign tumour. Lipoma treatment grew popularity in recent years due to the high demand for having flawless skin and body. Dermatologists usually do not recommend surgery as they are benign, but you can go for Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan if they bother you.

Know about Lipoma Treatment?

Lipoma Treatment is a cosmetic surgery done on the fatty lumps that grown steadily under the skin. A skin condition with an unknown root cause may appear on the neck, arm, legs, shoulders, back, Abdomen, or thigh part of the body. 1 in 1,000 cases, Lipoma consider a harmless benign tumour. Its treatment is mostly not recommended due to its nature, but if it is becoming the cause of troublesome for an individual, they can undergo surgery.

Important Facts:

The facts about Lipoma are:

  • It is a rare skin condition that develops in 1 in 1,000 people
  • It can affect people of any age and gender but rarely happens in children
  • Although Lipomas are harmless but due to their visible signs on the body individuals, feel discomfort
  • People with medical issues like adipose Dolorosa, Cowden syndrome, and Gardner’s syndrome are at high risk of developing Lipoma.
  • Family history of Lipoma can quickly transfer this condition to their offspring.
  • If it causes pain, it is most probably cancerous.
  • If it is cancerous, it stays in one position and is commonly known as liposarcoma.


  • Pale or Colourless
  • Steadily developed, often takes months or years
  • Dough like structure can quickly move with a finger
  • Mostly 2 inches diameter small but may increase to 8 inches
  • Not painless, but if painless, then it is due to the blood vessels that run through them

Lipoma Treatment Pay-off:

Lipoma Removal guarantees 100% natural pay-offs. The treatment provides a smooth patch at the same level without any sign or bruise. Once the Lipoma is effectively removed, there is a high chance it will not grow back.

How can you Become a Suitable Candidate?

FNO matter how big or small Lipoma is in size or on which part of the body it appears, it’s likely favourable to get it removed as early as possible. To become a suitable candidate for Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan, one should have:

  • Suspected Malignancy
  • Painful Lump existence
  • Know-how about the procedure
  • Mass increasing in size rapidly
  • Derma concerns

Pre-Procedural Care:

Before undergoing treatment, one should get familiar with pre-procedural care tips, which include:

  • Avoid targeted area one month prior to treatment
  • Avoid taking blood thinner drugs (ibuprofen or aspirin) 72 hours before treatment
  • Take a bath with germicide soap one day prior to treatment
  • If opting for surgery as a treatment plan, then come to the clinic empty stomach. Do not eat anything at least 9 hours before treatment.
  • Make sure there are no other medical conditions other than Lipoma or Liposarcoma.

Techniques used by Experts at Glamorous Clinic:

Lipoma Treatment is performed by trained experts who possess top-ranked all over Pakistan. The techniques used by our outstanding team of aesthetic surgeons include:

  1. Surgery:
  • This procedure is performed by creating a small opening on the targeted area, and through that, Lipoma is extracted.
  1. Liposuction:
  • Liposuction Surgery is one of the most recommended treatment plans in the case of Lipoma extraction. A cannula is placed inside the affected area, and through that, Lipoma is removed.
  1. Steroid Injection:
  • It is a non-invasive technique to eliminate Lipoma from the skin. Through steroid injectables, fatty lumps are dissolved.

How Much does the Lipoma Cost?

Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad’s cost depends upon surgeon fees, treatment plan, operation theatre fees, medicine requirement during and after the procedure, and the fees of other doctors in the team. Around 250,000 – 300,000 rupees maximum charges of Lipoma treatment.


After a procedure, you can go home the same day you had your surgery. The recovery time frame varies for each patient of Lipoma Treatment. Most patients resume their light routine tasks within a week.

Consultation and Appointment

For more insight related to Lipoma Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan, schedule your free consultation or get an appointment from our team of experts. We assure 100% patient satisfaction at Glamorous Clinic.