Cinderella Drip Injection in Islamabad & Pakistan Price & Cost

The youthful appearance and radiance of a person’s skin begin to fade as they become older. Individuals have been looking for a solution that might renew their freshness and radiance for millennia. We offer the greatest method for all-around skin enhancement, immune system stimulation, liver detoxification, and anti-aging effects. It not only improves the complexion and slows the aging process, but it also aids in athletic development and offers protection from a variety of illnesses. It is none other than the Cinderella Drip Injection in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. To learn more about it, keep reading.

What is the Treatment?

The Cinderella drip is an iv therapy that is high in nutrients and antioxidants and can provide outstanding medicinal benefits in only one quick session. It is a specific kind of Intravenous therapy that offers numerous advantages for the skin, appearance, and fitness by intravenously delivering enriched vitamins. Alpha-lipoic acid is not present in the infusion but may be administered for greater outcomes. Other ingredients comprise vitamin c and glutamine.

It is a well-liked procedure for attaining a flawless, pearl-like complexion. The person is given a combination of several cosmetic chemicals and potent vitamins, which has the vital impact of avoiding and reviving aged skin. It increases skin brightness and vibrancy, removes impurities, and possibly delays the onset of aging. Additionally, it has lightening properties, an anti-acne impact since it regulates oil production, and moisturizing power to provide the skin complete advantages with natural collagen formation. Additionally, it can aid in the body’s removal of pollutants and toxic substances while fending off oxidative stress, which is the primary cause of aging.

Results of the Drip Injection:

The results of the Cinderella Infusion can be felt by the recipient as soon as three weeks following the second treatment. Patients can anticipate having a minimum of 4 appointments spaced one week apart. It is advised to schedule maintenance treatments every two to three months once the desired skin state has been achieved. Following therapy, the patients should anticipate some minimal redness, which normally lasts between 24 and 48 hrs. On the infusion site, some skin peeling might also occur.

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Benefits for the Recipient:

  • Ascorbic acid also referred to as vitamin C, promotes the generation of white cells in the blood, improves skin tissue, and detoxifies the body.
  • Glutathione has a brightening impact on the skin and supports liver function. Glutathione has been shown to lessen cellular injury in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver problems and to enhance insulin sensitivity.
  • The fatty acid known as alpha-lipoic acid, which is found in very minute amounts, is crucial for the production of body energy. It has 3-fold higher antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E, which may be able to significantly reduce the aging effects of the skin while also serving purposes other than aesthetic ones.
  • It is thought to improve healthy neuron function, reduce blood glucose levels, and minimize bodily inflammation.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

  • Ideal candidates for the Cinderella Drip Injection in Islamabad & Pakistan are those who are both physically and mentally healthy.
  • An individual who is not allergic to the solution in the drip.
  • A person needs a doctor’s approval before receiving treatment if they have any major medical conditions.
  • The ones looking for effective treatment to detoxify their liver
  • Those looking to lighten their skin complexion and enhance the appearance and feel of their skin
  • Someone who wants to feel more energized
  • Those seeking to boost their immune systems

How Does the Treatment Work?

The procedure is usually rather simple, and a single session only takes 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the person and the speed of the IV drip set by the nurse. Based on the person’s current health and the desired results, different sessions may be required. The drip can be given to the patient once every seven to ten days. The doctor determines when the drip is required after performing the initial assessment.

  • During treatment, the doctor inserts an intravenous line into the arm or possibly the top of the wrist.
  • The drip is connected to the catheter.
  • The following process involves draining the fluid into the patient’s body from the bag.
  • When finished, the catheter is removed.


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