Best Dimple Creation Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Price

People who have dimples have the most beautiful smile, the dimples appear when they smile or talk. The dimples appear when there is a defect in the muscle which lines the mouth. Some people naturally have dimples while others want to create dimples artificially through dimple creation surgery. If you want to undergo the dimple creation treatment then learn about the Dimple Creation Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan by reading the following blog. A dimpleplasty is performed by a surgeon either to create new dimples or enhance the previously present dimples.

Need for Dimpleplasty:

People who always like the cute sweater look due to the presence of dimples can get dimple creation surgery. Or you can get the surgery if all your family members have dimples on the chin and cheeks area and you also want a dimple like them. We have surgeons who will perform the dimpleplasty in such a way that will suit the contour of your face. If you want a slimmer face and want to add definition to your chin and cheek area then this is the best option for you.


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Cost of Dimple Creation:

The Dimple Creation Cost in Islamabad & Pakistan starts from PKR 50,000. The price may fluctuate and differ for everyone as it depends on several factors such as skin condition, dimple creation surgery complexity, surgeon’s fees, and pricing policy of the clinic. Willing to know the exact price then you can contact our team. Our team will guide you further related to the cost and procedure of the dimpleplasty. 

About Dimple Creation Procedure:

Before the procedure, you will have an initial consultation with the surgeon who will examine the symmetry and face contour of your face. He may take pictures of your face and will mark the exact location where he will perform the dimple surgery. He may use a scale or a calliper to ensure you will not get a misplaced dimple. And on the treatment day, he will first numb the treatment area using local anaesthesia.

 The procedure is performed on the underlying muscle of the cheeks so there is no chance of any type of scarring. He will remove a small amount of cheek muscle and will close the skin with a suture. This will create a permanent indentation in the cheeks area and you will get a dimple for a lifetime. The surgeon will also tell you how to take care of the treatment area to recover timely. The doctor may give you antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. You should take care of your oral hygiene and not take blood thinners as it will increase the chance of bleeding. 

Is the Dimple Creation Procedure Painful?

The dimple creation procedure is not so painful, it is tolerable. Before starting the procedure the surgeon uses local anaesthesia to overcome the pain during the treatment. After getting the treatment when the anaesthesia effect will fade away you will feel little tenderness and mild soreness on the treated site. But that pain is bearable and you can use certain medications to avoid that pain.

 If you notice any unnecessary and too much pain in the cheek area then you can visit the doctor to avoid the pain and or any serious complication in the future. It is best to choose the best surgeon in Islamabad so that he performs the dimple creation surgery in the best way and in a comfortable environment. The dimpleplasty will give you a permanent and natural-looking dimple with no scarring.

Final Thoughts!

Looking for a cuter face look with a dimple then try the dimple creation procedure. As there are short-term and long-term risks associated with dimpleplasty, make sure you choose the best surgeon so he will perform the treatment most safely. After reading about the Dimple Creation Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan if you have any queries then feel free to contact us.

If you are thinking that you are an ideal candidate for the dimple creation then you can book an appointment with us by filling out the online consultation form. Our highly skilled staff will book a slot for you. The glamorous clinic has friendly and knowledgeable staff who will answer all your treatment-related questions and will assist you in the right way.