Earlobe Correction Cost in Islamabad

Every individual needs subtle improvement in their facial and overall body features. One of which is the earlobe, if your earlobe shape is not perfect then it will affect the overall features of the person. So for treating this concern earlobe correction is all that you need. At our clinic, we are performing affordable earlobe correction surgery. Know about the Earlobe Correction Cost in Islamabad Pakistan by reading the blog.

What is Earlobe Correction?

Earlobe correction, often known as earlobe repair, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that treats a variety of earlobe disorders. These problems can include elongation caused by heavy earrings, injured earlobes, or simply dissatisfaction with the natural shape.

The procedure uses surgical techniques to reshape, resize, or repair the earlobes, depending on the individual’s specific needs. This surgery is carried out by trained surgeons who specialise in cosmetic enhancements.

Who Needs Earlobe Correction?

  • Individuals with elongated earlobes due to heavy earrings.
  • Those experiencing torn or damaged earlobes.
  • Individuals are dissatisfied with the natural shape of their earlobes.
  • People seeking aesthetic enhancements for overall facial harmony.
  • Those who wish to address cultural or personal significance associated with ear adornments.
  • Individuals desiring a subtle yet impactful cosmetic improvement.

Treatment Procedure:

During the earlobe correction procedure, the skilled surgeon employs a series of techniques to reshape, resize, or repair the earlobes based on the individual’s unique needs. The process typically begins with the administration of local anaesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort. Once the area is numb, the surgeon precisely makes incisions or adjusts existing ones to achieve the desired shape or repair any damage. Depending on the extent of correction required, the surgeon may remove excess tissue, reshape the earlobe, or mend tears. Fine sutures are then delicately applied to secure the newly sculpted form.Β 


Following the earlobe repair surgery, patients can expect outstanding results that improve both looks and confidence. The reshaped or repaired earlobes have a harmonic and natural appearance, which aligns with the patient’s aesthetic aspirations. Any anomalies such as elongation caused by heavy earrings or torn earlobes, are efficiently corrected, restoring facial symmetry. The results of earlobe correction address not only physical difficulties but also contribute to a general sense of well-being and confidence.

Cost of the Procedure:

The average cost of Earlobe correction in Islamabad is PKR 70,000. The price will fluctuate for every patient depending on the shape of the earlobe and the extent of change required. To know about the accurate cost you have to consult the surgeon.Β 

Factors Influencing Earlobe Correction Cost in Islamabad:

The following are the major factors or elements which affect the overall cost of the procedure:

Surgeon Expertise:

The surgeon’s knowledge and expertise have a significant impact on the entire cost. A highly experienced surgeon with a documented track record may charge greater prices due to their ability to offer optimal results.

Clinic Reputation:

Another important consideration is the clinic or surgery facility’s repute. Renowned clinics with modern technologies and a focus on patient happiness may demand greater costs for their services.

The extent of Correction:

The complexity of the adjustment required has a considerable impact on the cost. Simple repairs may be less expensive than substantial reshaping or reconstruction.

Final Thoughts!

Glamorous Clinic offers a team of competent and highly qualified physicians and team members who will assist you in resolving your ear problems while making you feel at ease. We are experts in reshaping, correcting, enhancing, and reducing ears. So make sure you choose us for the procedure. Know more about the Earlobe Correction Cost in Islamabad Pakistan by contacting us.