Fox Eyes Surgery Cost in Islamabad Pakistan Glamorous Clinic

Fox eye surgery, often referred to as cat eye surgery or lateral canthoplasty, is becoming increasingly popular as a way to achieve a longer and higher arch to the eyes. If you are considering this amazing eye-lifting procedure and want to know about the Fox Eyes Surgery Cost in Islamabad Pakistan then you are at the right place. Keep reading as we dive deeper into it.

What is Fox Eyes Surgery?

Fox eye surgery is a cosmetic procedure aimed at achieving an almond-shaped eye look. The outcome is similar to a fox or a cat eye. The process includes lifting of the outer corners of the eyes known as lateral canthoplasty which in effect creates a more pronounced and slanted eye shape.

The Procedure:

During a fox eye cosmetic surgery, a skilled plastic surgeon will make incisions at the outside of the eyes to get the tissues and muscles that determine the eye shape. The surgeon will then carefully dissect and rearrange these tissues to get the desired fox eye appearance. The patient’s expectations and anatomic considerations will guide the decision to add procedures such as brow lifting and eyelid surgery that may be performed concurrently to get the best outcomes.

Advantages of Fox Eyes Surgery:

Aesthetic Appeal:

Fox eye surgery is one of the main advantages due to the aesthetic enhancement it provides. Through developing a lifted and extended eye contour, patients can attain a youthful and alluring look, which harmonizes with their facial features.

Confidence Boost:

A lot of patients have fox eye surgery to lift their confidence and self-esteem. Change in eye shape has the potential to change how a person sees himself, boosting confidence while interacting socially or professionally.

Minimal Downtime:

Fox eye surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis which means the patient can go home the same day. Although some swelling and bruising are anticipated with the surgery, the majority of patients can get back to their normal routine within a week post-operatively.

Fox Eyes Surgery Price in Islamabad:

Cost is always a major concern with fox eye surgery among the majority of patients. The Fox Eyes Surgery Cost in Islamabad can be different depending on some factors such as the doctor’s experience, the complexity of the procedure and the geographical location of the Glamorous clinic.

Factors Influencing Cost:

Surgeon’s Expertise:

The type of plastic surgeon and their level of experience performing the fox eye surgery can also affect the cost. Experienced and highly skilled surgeons who have consistently delivered satisfactory outcomes may charge higher rates.

Complexity of the Procedure:

The complexity of a fox eyes surgery may change depending on anatomical individual factors and the desired result. Some patients with higher levels of deformity or structural abnormality may require a more complicated surgical approach that will be more expensive.

Number of Sessions Required:

Optimal attainment of the fox eye effect could be obtained by several surgical sessions. For instance, if a patient wishes to have more refinement or touch-ups after the initial operation, then they might have to have more sessions which are priced extra for anaesthesia, facility fees, and surgeon’s fees.

Final Thoughts!

Fox Eyes Surgery in Islamabad Pakistan offers a transformative solution for individuals seeking to enhance their eye shape and overall appearance. With advancements in cosmetic surgery techniques and skilled plastic surgeons, achieving the coveted fox eye look is more accessible than ever before. If you’re considering fox eye surgery, consult with our board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals, expectations, and personalized treatment plan.Β