Lip Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

Lips are really important for defining someone’s personality. Different skin conditions these days, affect the skin as well as the lip color. As a result, of these, the lips produce more melanin and appear dark. Women are more concerned about the pink color of their lips. But both genders can get the treatment. If you are one of those people who are facing lip color issues then you can opt for the Lip Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. This will enhance your lips and will help restore the natural lip color. The best part of the treatment is that it is a painless procedure. Grab your treatment with us by reading the blog!

What is Lip Pigmentation?

A procedure that converts the dark and wrinkled lips into smooth and hydrated one. The shape and the color are both treated at the same time by the procedure. The lips will get more young. The symmetry of the Lip Fillers will be gained by the process. To carry out the process, a small needle is used. Different natural ingredients are present in the syringes used to treat the lips.

This treatment can be done for both men and women. The color of the lips will be changed to pink. The practitioner who will carry out the process should be an expert.


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Causes Behind the Condition:

There are many reasons why this certain lip condition occurs. These reasons also variate depending on the human body. One of the main reasons behind the problem and which are generally too are mentioned below:

  • Smoking makes your lip dark. Cigarette smoke affects the lip melanin quantity
  • Excessive sun exposure also damages the lips
  • Due to lack of hydration wrinkles appear on them 
  • Sometimes genes play a role in making the lips dark
  • Caffeine intake both in tea and coffee 
  • Due to a chemical product application
  • A skin condition called cyanosis

Benefits of the Treatment:

Well getting the Lip Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan provides a lot of benefits these are as follows:

  • Smooth and naturally red lips
  • Skin restoration
  • The treatment is affordable and effective
  • Wrinkles and lines fade away
  • Pigmentation Safe procedure 
  • No downtime
  • Quick process

Can You Get the Treatment?

If you are looking forward to the following qualities after the treatment then you can get the procedure. These are presented below:

  • Want to get pink or red-toned lips
  • If you have wrinkles or lines & want to remove them 
  • Have a realistic approach toward the treatment
  • Any skin type can grab the procedure

Lip Pigmentation Treatments:

The following procedures are in use to treat dark-pigmented lips. These are properly explained below:

Laser Treatment:

A type of treatment that applies laser on the lips to treat the dark lips. Through the treatment, the melanin bonds get broken down. To perform the treatment, the physician will apply anesthesia to the lips and then the process goes on. The lips get smooth with the process. The procedure will take a short period of time to restore the lips. An expert practitioner will carry out the process. The procedure needs only twenty to forty minutes overall.

Chemical peels:

These peels are applied on the affected lips which removes the extra melanin and the inner layer of their lip skin will be rejuvenated. This procedure is the most effective as well as the most affordable process.


Ingredients that are present in the creams are kojic acid, arbutin, and hydroquinone. All these products lighten the lip color. Depending on the condition of the lips the time which the process will take varies. These creams are really helpful in exfoliating the skin.

Cost of Lip Pigmentation Islamabad:

The Price for the Lip Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan varies because of the different treatment types that are available. When just creams have been used the rate of the procedure will be low compared to when laser or other processes are utilized. Standard of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, and the demand of the doctor. 

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