PRP plus Microneedling Price in Pakistan, Islamabad Price & Cost

Currently, all men and women wish to have beautiful, flawless skin. But due to multiple external and internal impacts, they fail to achieve the desired goals. Like sun rays, improper care, unnecessary cosmetic products, age, and hormonal irregularities, individuals are perceived as gorgeous and desirable if they have flawless, fresh skin. But technological innovation in the cosmetic field has introduced numerous procedures that are utilized to execute anti-aging restoratives. Glamorous Cosmetic offers effective procedures. Flawless skincare procedures are used to improve the appearance and eliminate wrinkles, hypertrophic scars, and other problems. Combining PRP with Microneedling, this procedure is effective in rejuvenating your skin and removing all impurities. If you are searching for PRP with Microneedling Prices in Pakistan, Rawalpindi & Islamabad this blog will provide details on the cost, method, and advantages of the procedure.

The Aims of the Treatment:

PRP with Microneedling stimulates collagen formation and restores your youthful appearance. This procedure can treat unpleasant or annoying problems including wrinkles, UV damage, and even crippling acne scars. It is a one-stop solution for all skin problems. It can resolve the following skin problems:

  • It helps to shrink your pores.
  • It removes acne from your skin.
  • It heals skin that has sun damage.
  • It removes wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Stretch marks will be eliminated.
  • Any scars will be treated.
  • You’ll see a glow on your skin.
  • It will heal dehydrated skin.

PRP with Microneedling Procedure:

By combining these two methods into one, you can get very even and brighter skin. This is a completely non-invasive treatment. This process is performed in the following way:

 Firstly, a numbing lotion will be applied to the targeted skin because a small needling device is involved in the treatment.

  • Then your blood is drawn with a needle from your body part, and it is then spun in a centrifuge.
  • Then platelet-rich plasma will be extracted from the red blood cells after spinning.
  • Then needling device will be applied to your targeted side by spreading your plasma.
  • The penetration of Platelet Rich Plasma through these punctures boosts the effects of micro-needling even more.
  • Plasma is often injected via PRP injections into the most affected areas.
  • This process takes an hour or so to complete.
  • One can feel some facial edema and redness after the procedure.
  • Then you will be advised to follow the post-process instructions and the next appointment date.


PRP Plus Microneedling Price in Pakistan Islamabad is affordable, most insurance providers do not cover this cosmetic procedure, the esthetic procedures are also extremely delicate and should only be carried out by a qualified dermatologist at a reputed facility, if you want highly impressive outcomes then don’t bother expenses because it is a one-time investment and an experienced doctor can help you to achieve the desired goal, many elements can influence the expenses.

Price Influencing Factors:

The Selection of an Expert.

You shouldn’t entrust this delicate treatment to a beginner doctor. For your skin treatment, it’s crucial to choose a dermatologist who is knowledgeable and licensed. Your cost will be impacted by the dermatologist you choose.

Clinical Location and Reputation:

You must go from one city to another to receive the best and most efficient treatment from a reputable and well-known clinic that is not located close to you. Your treatment costs will be impacted by your travel expenses, if the clinic is located in a posh area then expenses will be high.

Selection of the Treatment Option:

A combination of many therapies may increase your costs. As each treatment has different characteristics and specialties, expenses can rise as per your decisions.

The Severity of the Targeted Site:

If your treated site is badly uneven then it will take more time to heal and will require an extra amount of dosage and will be time-consuming, number of sessions will also rise to fix your problem so it can change the expenses.

Anesthesia and Medication:

The doctor may advise you to take painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infection and make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. As some patients need a high dosage of anesthasia to make them calm during treatment, This element might impact your price.

Why Choose Us?

In conclusion, this combination is affordable, productive, and provides lengthy benefits in appealing, youthful skin. Additionally, if you have any questions concerning PRP Plus Microneedling Price in Pakistan, Rawalpindi & Islamabad then just fill out the below-mentioned form and book your consultation costs, Glamorous Clinic, has highly trained doctors who can assist you with all relevant aspects after analyzing your condition.