Pubic Laser Hair Removal Female Cost in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost


Everyone loves the feeling when we step out of the shower after shaving, the smooth and hair-free skin experience is love. Imagine experiencing the same feeling daily, without shaving daily. With the help of laser hair removal you can get this amazing feeling daily, Brazilian laser hair removal will help you get rid of all the pubic hair for a very long time as compared to shaving and waxing. We have highly skilled skin care experts who will work in an efficient way to deliver the desired results to you. Learn about Pubic Laser Hair Removal Female Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan by reading the following blog. 

What is Pubic Laser Hair Removal?

It is a technique to get rid of hair from the private part of the body. Many people get bumps and ingrown hair after shaving and waxing which can be irritating and cause itchiness. While by getting laser hair removal you will get hair-free skin with no bumps and you will experience smooth and clear skin. Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicles and slowing down hair growth. 

After getting one session of pubic laser hair removal you will see a 20 percent reduction in hair growth. And after a few sessions, there will be about a 90 percent reduction in hair growth. The longevity of the results depends on the skin condition and how effectively the laser treatment is performed by the skin expert.

Expectations During Pubic Laser Hair Removal:

The skin care expert will use a laser device to direct the laser light toward the targeted area, the laser light will destroy the hair follicles and weaken the roots of the hair. The whole treatment is painless as the doctor uses a numbing cream or a soothing gel to ensure that you are comfortable during the whole process. It is a myth that getting a laser in the pubic area is painful as it is the same as getting a laser on any part of the body. The laser technician will also monitor that you remain comfortable during the whole procedure.

Average Cost of Pubic Laser Hair Removal:

If you are willing to get rid of hair from the pubic area then you must be thinking about how costly the procedure will be. The Public Laser Hair Removal Female Cost in Islamabad & Pakistan starts from PKR 15,000. The price may increase and fluctuate for everyone as it depends on several factors. The variable which has an impact in determining the cost is as follows:

  • Type of Laser:

As there are different types of lasers such as IPL, pico, and Diode. Each one has a different cost. The doctor will discuss with you the benefits and treatment procedures for all types of lasers. After that, he will tell you the cost based on the type of laser treatment you have chosen.

  • Number of Sessions:

Everyone has a different skin and hair condition so the treatment session will vary accordingly. As the number of sessions increases the cost will increase accordingly. So this is the main factor in deciding the cost of the laser treatment.

  • Density and Thickness of Hair:

Every person has different hair growth and thickness. If a person has more hair growth or has thick coarse hair then laser hair removal will cost a little more than the people who have less hair growth.

  • The Expertise of the Doctor:

If a highly skilled doctor performs the laser treatment then you will have to pay more. But make sure you choose a highly skilled esthetician to get the best results even if you have to pay more.

  • Location and Reputation of the Clinic:

If a clinic is well-reputed and gained popularity due to its amazing treatments then it will cost more. Moreover, the location of the clinic highly impacts the cost. If the clinic is located in a famous area which is far more than your house. The laser treatment cost will increase accordingly. 

The skin care therapist or laser expert will consider all the above variables and will tell you the cost for which you can get rid of it. Want to know more about the Pubic Laser Hair Removal Female Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan then feel free to contact us.

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