Scalp Micropigmentation for Women in Islamabad & Pakistan Price

Thousands of women are facing hair loss problems and it is considered normal nowadays. Many women do not pay attention to this problem which ultimately leads to baldness. As there are several causes of hair fall but do not worry we have got a solution to your hair loss problem which is non-surgical. The Scalp Micropigmentation for Women in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is highly beneficial for people who have low-density hair or have issues with hair thinning. Although there are many other options available to get rid of hair loss. But Scalp pigmentation is a modern and affordable procedure that will give you a fuller hair look.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure in which pigment of desired hair colour is injected into the epidermal layer of the skin which gives the appearance of the hair follicle. This procedure is suitable for all skin types. This procedure aids in the creation of a new hairline for the patient by camouflaging the surface area of the scalp where hair loss has already happened. In the past, this technique was used only for eyebrows for giving a fuller eyebrow look, but now you can get the benefits from it. But before undergoing the treatment keep in mind scalp micropigmentation will give you a fuller hair look and will not help to grow back your hair.

When Will You See the Results?

The results of scalp micropigmentation will be visible after a few one or two days of the treatment when the swelling will subside. Although the effects of hair pigmentation can be seen immediately, for the best results, 2-3 sessions/treatments with a practitioner will be required following the initial consultation. Each session is performed in a sanitary, comfortable setting, ensuring that the patient has a great experience, and clients are guaranteed that their outcomes will be of excellent quality.  

At our clinic, we have a highly expert surgeon and trichologist who will examine your scalp condition and will perform the best scalp micropigmentation to provide the best results to the patients. Once you have achieved the results then you will need touch-up sessions once a year to maintain the results. Because it is like tattooing the scalp and the colour of the pigment might fade or become life after some time due to various factors.

Preparation and AfterCare Instructions:

Before getting the procedure you will have an initial consultation with the skin care expert who will discuss the treatment procedure and will tell you how to prepare yourself for the treatment. During this time he will also discuss the aftercare instructions which you have to follow to get maximum results and to avoid side effects. These are discussed below:

  • Make sure you avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment
  • Avoid exercise and any type of activity which can cause sweating on the scalp
  • Do not wash your hair for 3 to 4 days after the treatment
  • Avoid touching unnecessary to the treatment area as it can result in infection
  • Start to moisturise your scalp after a few days of the treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure:

Usually, women are afraid of undergoing a surgical procedure but the Scalp Micropigmentation for Women in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is a simple and painless procedure so you should not worry about the pain. Before starting the procedure the skin expert will discuss your desired pigment colour and will fill the pigment in the needles. The depth of penetration depends on the desired goals. The skin expert will first numb the treatment area and will then inject the pigment which matches your natural hair colour. You will not get the results in a single session but will need 2 or 3 sessions to achieve the results.

Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation:

Usually, the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation for Women in Islamabad is decided by the skin expert after he examines the extent of baldness. The starting cost of the procedure is 15000 PKR and may increase depending on the extent of baldness and the number of sessions. If you have further queries related to the cost of the treatment then you can consult our team.

Get the Treatment Now!

People who are dealing with hair loss problems have a variety of options to restore their hair. But women who are facing baldness or thin hair can undergo this non-invasive procedure whose results are long-lasting. Make sure you book an appointment with us for getting the scalp micropigmentation treatment.