Skin Lesion Removal Cost in Islamabad Cost & Price

Skin lesions are any areas of your skin that differ from the skin around it. Skin lesions are frequent and are often caused by an injury or damage to the skin, although some have the potential to be malignant. If you are bothered by your skin lesions and looking for the best treatment then visit the Glamorous Clinic. We have the most affordable procedure for getting rid of lesions. To know more about the Skin Lesion Removal Cost in Islamabad Pakistan you can read the blog.

What is a Skin Lesion?

Skin lesions are anomalies or changes in texture, colour, or appearance. They cover a wide range of disorders, including moles, cysts, warts, skin tags, and other abnormalities. These lesions can be produced by a variety of circumstances, including sun exposure, ageing, genetics, or medical disorders. While many skin lesions are benign, others may require treatment because they have the potential to become malignant or cause discomfort.

Treatment Options at our Clinic:

At our clinic, we offer different treatment options to remove skin lesions. Some of the best options are as follows:

Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for minor lesions, pigmented patches, and vascular lesions. This method uses high-intensity laser beams to precisely target the lesion and break it down into tiny particles. The body’s natural systems then destroy these particles, resulting in the eventual elimination of the lesion.


Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and eliminate the target lesion. This treatment is very helpful for minor lesions, such as warts and skin tags. The freezing procedure causes the lesion to blister and then fall off.Β 

Excisional Surgery:

Excisional surgery is a surgical procedure for bigger or potentially malignant tumours. This treatment involves surgically removing the entire lesion, which ensures total extraction. The incision is then sutured to promote maximum healing. cosmetic surgery may need more downtime than non-surgical treatments.


Electrosurgery is ideal for narrow-base lesions because it uses high-frequency electrical currents to cut and eliminate the target lesion. This approach allows exact control over the depth of tissue removal while minimising bleeding.Β 


  • The removal of skin lesions enhances the overall appearance of the skin.
  • Relief from the discomfort or irritation caused by specific skin abnormalities.
  • Improved skin condition is frequently linked to higher self-confidence.
  • Early removal of lesions avoids potential problems.
  • The procedure requires minimum downtime, ensuring a quick recovery.
  • Surgical procedures provide accurate removal for best results.
  • Effective elimination produces long-term results for improved well-being.

Cost of the Treatment:

The Skin Lesion Removal Cost in Islamabad starts from PKR 10,000. The price will vary for every patient as it depends on various factors such as the number of sessions, type of treatment, number of skin lesions and dermatologist fees. To know about the exact cost make sure you consult with our experts.

Factors Affecting Cost of the Treatment:

There are various factors which affect the cost of the procedure. The factors which affect the treatment cost are as follows:

Lesion Type and Size:

The nature and size of the skin lesion play an important role in determining the overall cost. Larger or more complex lesions may require more complex procedures, affecting the pricing. The skin care expert will examine your lesion and will tell you the procedural cost.

Number of Sessions:

The total number of sessions required for skin lesion removal significantly impacts the overall cost. Some methods, like laser therapy, may necessitate multiple sessions for optimal results, increasing the cost of the procedure.

Type of Treatment:

The chosen treatment method plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost. Surgical procedures, such as excisional surgery or Mohs surgery, generally involve higher costs due to the complexity and precision required. Non-invasive methods like laser therapy or cryotherapy may be more cost-effective.

Final Thoughts!

Looking for the best clinic in Islamabad for getting Skin Lesion Removal Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan, then choose the Glamorous Clinic. We have affordable and effective treatment for our clients. So make sure you book your appointment with us.