Surgical Scar Revision Cost in Islamabad Cost & Price

Surgical scar revision stands out as a transformative procedure, offering individuals a chance to embrace their true beauty by minimizing the impact of scars. Everyone wants a treatment that is effective and budget-friendly. At the Glamorous Clinic, we consider that everyone who is suffering from scars should get the procedure at an affordable rate. So know about the Surgical Scar Revision Cost in Islamabad Pakistan by reading the blog.

What is Surgical Scar Revision?

Surgical scar revision is a procedure designed to modify the look of scars caused by previous surgeries or traumas. It employs a variety of procedures, including excision, laser therapy, and dermabrasion, each customized to a certain scar type. This complex operation necessitates the skills of professional surgeons who specialize in scar revision, ensuring that patients receive the best possible results. 


  • Improves the overall appearance of scars.
  • Reduces self-consciousness associated with visible scars.
  • Enhances the smoothness and uniformity of the skin.
  • Tailored to individual scar types and patient needs.
  • Aims to make scars less noticeable.
  • Utilises advanced methods for optimal results.
  • Ensures proper healing and long-term success.
  • Access to skilled professionals in scar revision.
  • Offers a life-changing impact on self-image.


The results of surgical scar treatment are dramatic, giving people a new sense of confidence and improved appearance. The operation seeks to reduce visibility and improve overall skin texture by using modern surgical procedures that are tailored to the unique characteristics of each scar. Patients might expect a reduction in feeling self-conscious associated with large scars, as well as a significant rise in self-esteem.


The average Surgical Scar Revision Cost in Islamabad is PKR 40,000. The price will fluctuate and will increase or decrease depending on the requirements of the patients. The surgeon will tell you the exact cost of the treatment after considering a few factors such as the number of sessions, treatment type, and location of the scar.

Factors Influencing Surgical Scar Revision:

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of surgical scar revision. These are as follows:

Scar Severity: 

The size and severity of the scar have a significant impact on deciding cost. Larger or more severe scars may necessitate additional surgeries, increasing the overall cost. The surgeon will examine your scar and will tell you the treatment cost.

Technique Employed: 

Different surgical methods have varying expenses. Advanced techniques, such as laser therapy or microdermabrasion, may be more expensive due to the specific equipment and skill required. You can also choose the treatment type depending on your budget.

Surgeon’s Expertise: 

The surgeon’s reputation and experience can affect the pricing. Highly trained surgeons with a successful track record in scar revision may demand a greater fee for their services. But keep in mind an expert surgeon will provide you with long-lasting outcomes without any complications.

Facility and Location:

The facility where the surgery will take place, as well as its location within Islamabad, can have an impact on the overall cost. Modern clinics in high-traffic areas may have greater operating costs. 

Final Thoughts!

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