The rise of Cosmetic surgery in Pakistan is grabbing the attention of researchers. They start to do researches for knowing facts that are making cosmetic surgery procedures famous in Pakistan. Majority of people is seeking various cosmetic procedures. These people include a wide range of celebrities as well as house holding people. The number of young adults and teens, who are visiting clinics to gain cosmetic procedures, is increasing day-by-day.

Most Common Cosmetic Procedures

The procedures that are mostly adopted by people in Pakistan include hair transplantation, liposuction, fillers, botox, laser hair removal, rhinoplasty, and fat transfer.

  • Hair Transplantation

The procedure of hair transplantation refers to a process in which hair grafts are extracted carefully from the donor area (usually backside or side or the scalp from where healthy grafts are taken) and implanted in the recipient area (area where treatment is required). Different types of techniques can be used to perform the procedure. These techniques include FUE, Stem Cell FUE (latest method), FUT (traditional method), and Acell, etc.

  • Liposuction:

Liposuction refers to the procedure in which extra fat is removed from the body by breaking down or sucking with the help of an equipment. Usually, this procedure is utilized on specific areas of the body include chin, neck, buttocks, upper arms, back of the arms, back, abdomen, calves, and thighs.

  • Fillers:

Fillers is a well-known cosmetic procedure that is induced with the help of injections. The purpose of this treatment to smooth wrinkles and make your skin scar free. Most of the time, this treatment is referred for face rejuvenation. Moreover, they are used to boost the shape of your lips. When they are injected under the skin then it puffs that specific area.

  • Botox:

Botox refers to the treatment that is utilized to paralyze the activity of muscles on a temporary basis. This treatment is provided with the help of injections.

  • Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal refers to a treatment that is used to get rid of unwanted hair. You need to get various sessions to get rid of unwanted hair on a permanent basis. A laser beam passes through the hair follicle to damage it from the root. However, your skin remains safe during whole procedure.

  • Rhinoplasty:

This is a surgical procedure that is used to reshape your nose. Rhinoplasty can change the angle of your nose or make it small or long, and correct other defects in your nose. Also, it helps to enhance the breathing level.

  • Fat Transfer:

Fat transfer procedure allows you to remove extra fat from one area of the body and apply it on the other area where you have less fat than required.

Moreover, it is noticed that most of the people go for a nose job (rhinoplasty). People want to look beautiful and classy, so they are doing whatever they can do for it. The era is changed now, and so the concept of beauty becomes different. Trends of getting cosmetic surgery procedures in teens are increasing day-by-day in all over the world. It is important to provide appropriate care while performing a procedure. Moreover, you need to follow preoperative and postoperative instructions properly that are provided by your surgeon to get best results and avoid any kind of side-effects.

Schedule A Consultation

If you want to get any of the above-mentioned or any other cosmetic procedure from a reputed plastic surgeon then you should schedule your consultation with us. A consultation is recommended before planning for any procedure as in the initial consultation our surgeon will analyze your health and other important aspects. After that, he will let you know which procedure is best for you, what can be the expected results and other important facts. After that, it will be easy for you to make right decision for you. Don’t let this opportunity go, avail it now!