Bodytite Liposuction Cost in Islamabad Pakistan Cost & Price

At the Glamorous Clinic, we understand the importance of having a sculpted and contoured body. Everyone wishes to have a contoured and slimmer body look in a budget-friendly way. So our clinic offers Bodytite liposuction at a highly affordable rate. Know more about the Bodytite Liposuction Cost in Islamabad Pakistan by reading the blog.

What is Bodytite?

Bodytite is a liposuction technique that makes use of radiofrequency-assisted technology. This innovative method tightens the skin while eliminating extra fat, giving the appearance of more contour and tone.


A qualified cosmetic surgeon makes tiny incisions to insert a specialized cannula during the Bodytite liposuction procedure. By using radiofrequency energy, this cannula dissolves fat cells and makes it possible to remove them gently. Concurrently, the energy addresses concerns of laxity or sagging skin by tightening the skin.

Why Choose Bodytite Liposuction?

Bodytite liposuction is popular in Islamabad because of its efficiency and security. In contrast to conventional liposuction, Bodytite tightens the skin while simultaneously removing extra fat, giving the body a more toned and sculpted appearance. Bodytite stands out for its dual-action capability, which provides extensive benefits in a single procedure. Furthermore, compared to traditional methods, Bodytite’s minimally invasive nature minimizes downtime, enabling patients to return to their regular activities sooner.

Cost of the Treatment:

The Bodytite Liposuction Cost in Islamabad starts from PKR 60,000. The price will fluctuate for every patient as it depends on various factors. The surgeon during the consultation will examine your area and will tell you the accurate cost according to your desired body shape.

Treatment Area:

The cost of Bodytite liposuction varies depending on the specific area being treated. Common areas include the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks. Larger treatment areas may incur higher costs.

Surgeon’s Expertise:

The experience and skill of the surgeon significantly impact the overall cost. Reputable and seasoned cosmetic surgeons may charge higher fees due to their expertise and track record of successful procedures.

Clinic Reputation:

The reputation of the clinic or medical facility where the procedure takes place also plays a role. Renowned clinics with modern facilities and a focus on patient safety may charge higher fees.

Anesthesia and Facility Fees:

Additional costs include anesthesia fees and facility charges. These are essential components of the overall cost and contribute to a comfortable and safe surgical experience.

Geographical Location:

The geographical location of the clinic or medical facility is a crucial factor. In Islamabad, where the demand for cosmetic procedures is on the rise, prices may vary compared to other regions.


  • Removes excess fat and tightens skin simultaneously.
  • Reduces downtime compared to traditional liposuction.
  • Achieves natural-looking, tailored results.
  • Skilled cosmetic surgeons in Islamabad ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Results in a more sculpted and refined physique.

Why Choose Us?

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