BOTOX Treatment for Bladder Problem in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost

If you are feeling a trickling down below or you feel your urine is leaking and you need to wake up many times at night to pee then you are not alone. This leakage of urine and the feeling of urinating many times is called urinary incontinence. It can occur due to several factors such as growing age, pregnancy, and childbirth. This occurs when our brain does not send proper signals to the bladder. Due to this, the bladder muscles contract too much, and muscle spasm occurs. The treatment for this health issue is now undergoing at the Glamorous Clinic. Botox Treatment for Bladder Problems in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan can do wonders for you and it is highly effective for controlling the bladder muscle.

What is Botox?

The botulinum toxin is a special drug that paralyzes or weakens the overactive muscle. Various medical conditions can be treated by Botox injections. With the advancement in cosmetic procedures now it is an FDA-approved treatment for overactive bladder. If you have weak pelvic muscles then this drug can save you. The botox injection works by relaxing the bladder muscles and increasing the storage capacity of the bladder. Botox treatment is proven to be a safe treatment.


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Who Should Not Get this Botox Treatment?

Although botox is a safe treatment, it is not for everyone. The doctor will first examine your medical condition and will ask about your past medical history and will tell you if this is suitable for you or not. You should not go for botox treatment if:

  • You are having a urinary tract infection
  • You are taking blood thinners 
  • You are suffering from a breathing problem
  • You cannot do self-catheterization
  • You are pregnant or a breastfeeding mom
  • You are allergic to the botox 
  • You are under the age of 18

Treatment Procedure:

The Procedure of botox is performed on an outpatient basis. The doctor will first numb your bladder with local anesthesia. After that, he will insert a cystoscope which has a camera. The camera will show a picture of the bladder from the inside which will give an idea to the doctor where the injections are needed to be injected. After that, he will inject 10 to 15 botox injections into the muscles of the bladder. The whole procedure of Botox Treatment for Bladder Problems in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan will be painless as the area will be numbed. 

What to Expect after the Treatment?

After getting the procedure, you will be under observation for 30 to 40 minutes. The doctor will ask you to go to the restroom and empty your bladder. After that, he will scan your bladder, whether your bladder is fully empty or not. At this time he may give you antibiotics or any other tablet to avoid the infection. If you are fully stable and not feeling any kind of pain then he will allow you to go home. You can return to your daily life activities after the treatment as this treatment does not need any recovery time.

Follow Up Appointment:

You may need to go for follow up sessions if you do not get the desired results in just one session. During the follow-up appointment, the doctor will give you a catheter to check if there is any urine left in the bladder after you have used the restroom. After getting the required number of sessions you will see the desired result which will last for 10 to 12 months. 

Expected Outcomes:

You can see the results of botox treatment after a few days. You will notice that you will need less of the feeling of urinating. The results will last for a long period but are not permanent. You will need maintenance sessions of Botox treatment to see the results. If you want to minimize the chances of side effects then make sure you choose a skilled and experienced doctor.

Final Thoughts!

If you are having a bladder problem and feel like urinating more than you can get the Botox Treatment for Bladder Problem in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. It is a minimally invasive technique that will help you boost your confidence and relieve this embarrassing problem. The Glamorous Cosmetic Injectables Clinic has highly skilled doctors who will ask about your health conditions and will perform the treatment accordingly. You can book an appointment with us by filling out the form and our team will contact you soon. Having any other queries related to the botox treatment then feel free to contact us.