Cheap & Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Price & Cost

A hair transplant is typically a highly pricy and demanding procedure. However, the Glamorous Clinic is providing a very Cheap and Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan that meets the person’s expectations and yields the most significant outcomes. Despite the low cost of the therapy, we do not compromise when providing our treatments. Read the blog post below to learn more.

About Treatment:

In a hair restoration procedure, scalp hairline strands are transferred from a densely-haired area to a hairless or receding area. This method can result in a natural-looking hairline and a thick, natural-looking top of the head. Punch grafts, a tube-shaped tool, or a blade extract the hair cells and hair from one area of the scalp. The implanted hair fibers are subsequently placed in the scalp’s bare spots through minuscule pores or slits.

Why Gets the Treatment?

The main goal of this type of procedure is to assist patients in getting away with the aesthetic goods they have been using to address their bald or receding hairline and getting them the trustworthy therapy, they have always desired. This procedure has a lower level of risk since it restores the hairline by removing existing hair on the other side of the scalp.


Best-and-cheap-hair-transplant in Rawalpindi cheap-and-best-hair-transplant in RAWALPINDI cheap-and-best-hair-transplant in ISLAMABAD & Rawalpindi

cheap-and-best-hair-transplant Clinic in Islamabad cheap-and-best-hair-transplant Clinic in Islamabad & Rawalpindi cheap-and-best-hair-transplant in ISLAMABAD


  • Hair grows in to cover bald spots, eradicating the baldness.
  • Because it requires little upkeep over time, it is more affordable.
  • The hair thickness becomes evenly distributed.
  • With higher self-esteem, the individual gains more self-assurance.
  • The recipient appears younger as a result.
  • The patient’s hairline appears attractive and natural.
  • According to how thoroughly the hair is taken care of, the effects can last a lifetime.


Transplants can cost between ___ and ____. Our clinic provides a very Cheap and Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad & RawalpindiΒ however numerous factors, some of which are listed below, have an impact on the final cost.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

The following factors affect the overall cost of the therapy

Place of Clinic:

The cost that the clinic charges for every type of transplantation are influenced by the location of the facility. A clinic in a high-class neighborhood will bill more than one in the surrounding.

Used Technique:

For the implantation, various methods and approaches may be employed. Each of these approaches has a different price, which has an impact on the procedure’s final cost.

Present Condition:

The surgeon plans the procedure taking into account the patient’s current state and anticipated outcomes, which has an impact on the final cost of the procedure.


The fees are also impacted by whether an anesthetic was used during the surgery. The less expensive drug will be used in smaller doses.


The therapy is administered using a variety of devices. The total cost will change depending on how each of them is used.

Area of Treatment:

The size of the region being addressed has a significant impact on the procedure’s overall cost. Larger areas result in higher overall costs.

The Expertise of the Surgeon:Β 

The amount a surgeon will cost for the sort of transplantation they do depends on their experience, area of competence, and specialty.

Sessions Needed:

The price may increase if additional sessions are needed to get the best outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

In Islamabad, The Glamorous Clinic has the top specialists and medical professionals. Their use of cutting-edge technology and contemporary methods guarantees effective care with predictable outcomes. The clinic’s highly qualified personnel makes patients feel at ease and relaxed throughout treatments and procedures. All Covid 19 guidelines are still in effect and meticulously adhered to because the health of our customers is vital to us and is something we take very seriously. They are our primary concern thanks to our patient-centric philosophy. We support treating every patient with equal respect and humility.


If you want to get a Cheap and Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan we are the right choice! Learn more about the treatments we offer by contacting us at the number provided on the website.