Hair Unit commonly known as “Man Weave” is a new era procedure to restore or replace hair loss through balding, thinning, and various others hair loss conditioning. Generally, the Hair Unit is made up of real human hair or synthetic hair.

In Pakistan, hair units increase in demand recently, mainly because of the reason that many individuals complain of having loss of hair or thinning of hair due to any major or minor circumstances. As well as there is a societal image-building phenomenon of appealing attractive to others that leads to the increased demands of hair unit. Whatsoever; the reason there might be, individuals, end up asking about: What are the ranges of prices? Is there any plan to finance the procedure? How much is the Hair Unit Price in Pakistan Islamabad?

This article surely clarifies all the queries, doubts, and any sort of misconceptions.

Who can get a Hair Unit?

Hair unit, a hair replacement procedure that develops a unique pattern using real or synthetic hair on both genders who are suffering from any type of hair loss for insistence: people who have alopecia, fighting cancer, or have male pattern baldness. The hair unit is being affordable, easy on the pocket, and has the utmost undetectable hair replacement procedure.  Nevertheless, it’s mostly common for the age of men to range from thirty to forty when they starting to lose their hair, never to return point. Currently, the young generation is observed taking interest in this procedure to look appealing and younger. The Age ranges thirty to forty men suffering from men baldness. The young generation looks appealing.

Useful Information

When it comes to prices individuals go for procedures that are affordable and non-painful.

Hair unit is a non-pain or little discomfort procedure which is mostly customized: made for individuals fixed to scalp integrated with one’s hair. It can also be in a form of a wig which is developed from synthetic hair. In 2011, FDA approved using Follicular units (FU) from brown-haired and black-haired men.

How Much The Procedure Cost?

In Pakistan, the Hair unit aka man weave mostly cost around 50,000 to 400,000 rupees depending upon which center you desire for the procedure, what type of hair you requested, which aesthetic surgeon is performing the procedure, which method is applied (Follicular unit extraction (FUE), Follicular unit transplant (FUT) or Hybrid method), and how the wound is patched up? Hair Unit Price in Pakistan Islamabad depending upon the hair grafting.

How is Cost Calculated for Hair Unit?

It is essential to understand that prices depend upon hair grafting. It may vary from clinic to clinic, surgeon to surgeon, and procedural methods.

Hair grafting (one hair = one root, contains 2-4 hairs per graft) from 1000 to 4000 hair leads to the cost of (FUT: 30,000-60,000 or FUE: 40,000-70,000).

Financing Hair Unit Procedure in Pakistan

Hair Unit Price in Pakistan can be hard to pay for many individuals. Many clinics offer a 5% – 10% discount on the all-over price if a person requires more than 3500 to 4500 grafting. Moreover, there are some special deals individuals can avail of during summer holidays, Eid festival, or new years.

Get your desired Hair Unit Procedure at Affordable Cost

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