Lipoma Treatment Cost in Islamabad Glamorous Clinic

Lipomas, benign tumors composed of adipose tissue, are a common concern for individuals seeking medical attention. These non-cancerous growths often appear as soft, movable lumps beneath the skin, causing varying degrees of discomfort. At our clinic, we have lipoma treatment at an affordable price. Know more about the Lipoma Treatment Cost in Islamabad Pakistan by reading the blog.

What is Lipoma Treatment?

Lipoma treatment involves addressing benign tumors composed of adipose tissue, known as lipomas. These non-cancerous growths typically manifest as soft, movable lumps beneath the skin. The treatment options for lipomas vary and may include surgical excision, liposuction, or steroid injections. Surgical excision entails physically removing the lipoma through a minor surgical procedure, often chosen for larger or bothersome lipomas.Β 

Liposuction, a less invasive approach, involves suctioning out the fatty tissue through small incisions, suitable for smaller lipomas with a quicker recovery period. Alternatively, steroid injections can be administered to reduce the lipoma’s size, offering a non-surgical option that may require multiple sessions for optimal results.Β 


The effects of lipoma treatment vary based on the approach used and individual circumstances. Surgical excision frequently results in immediate and permanent elimination, but liposuction produces effective results with minimum scars. Steroid injections may take several sessions to achieve a visible decrease. In general, these therapies seek to ease discomfort, improve looks, and, in most circumstances, provide successful results with minimum consequences. Regular follow-ups with healthcare professionals are needed to track progress and guarantee a full recovery.


  • Lipoma treatment aims to alleviate discomfort associated with these benign tumors.
  • Surgical excision and liposuction offer aesthetic benefits by removing or reducing the size of lipomas.
  • Liposuction, a less invasive option, typically results in a quicker recovery period.
  • Tailored treatment plans cater to individual needs, considering factors like lipoma size and location.
  • Both surgical excision and liposuction aim to minimize scarring, promoting better cosmetic outcomes.
  • Steroid injections provide a non-surgical option for those seeking less invasive interventions.

Lipoma Treatment Options:

Following are the top treatment options which you choose if you are having lipoma:

Surgical Excision:

Surgical excision involves the physical removal of the lipoma through a minor surgical procedure. This option is often chosen for larger or more bothersome lipomas.


Liposuction is a less invasive procedure where the fatty tissue is suctioned out through small incisions. This method is suitable for smaller lipomas and may result in a quicker recovery.

Steroid Injections:

For individuals seeking non-surgical alternatives, steroid injections can be administered to reduce the size of the lipoma. This method is generally more affordable but may require multiple sessions for optimal results.

Cost of the Treatment:

The average Lipoma Treatment Cost in Islamabad is PKR 20,000. The price will increase and decrease for every patient as every patient has a different size and location of lipoma. And the price also fluctuates as it depends on various factors.Β 

Factors Influencing Lipoma Treatment Cost:

The cost of lipoma treatment is influenced by several factors, each playing a crucial role in determining the overall expense.

Size and Number of Lipomas:

The size and number of lipomas to be treated significantly impact the cost. Larger or multiple lipomas may require more extensive procedures, leading to a higher overall expense.

Location of Lipomas:

The location of lipomas on the body also contributes to the treatment cost. Areas that are more complex to access or treat may incur additional charges.

Type of Treatment:

Various treatment options are available for lipoma removal, including surgical excision, liposuction, and steroid injections. The chosen method will influence the overall cost, with surgical procedures generally being more expensive.

Final Thoughts!

For getting the treatment from the hands of the professional make sure you choose the Glamorous Clinic. Make sure you book your appointment with us by filling out the consultation form. If you want to know more about the Lipoma Treatment Cost in Islamabad Pakistan then consult our team.