Most Common Questions About Dermatologist in Islamabad Price & Cost

Q: What Does a Dermatologist Do?

A:  Dermatologist is a medical specialist who can treat conditions related to skin, hair, or nails. He also has the training to perform cosmetic procedures. Along with this, he can also diagnose any underlying health condition by examining your skin. 

Q: Can a Dermatologist Cure Acne? Does a Dermatologist Help?

A: People having acne can benefit by visiting a dermatologist. He will prescribe you skin ointments or a treatment procedure to minimise acne and hence the acne scars.

Q: What is the Difference Between a Skin Doctor and a Dermatologist?

A: A dermatologist is a certified doctor which helps in improving the health of the skin, while a skin doctor or a skin care expert performs such a treatment procedure that enhances and beautifies the appearance of the skin. 

Q: Do Dermatologists Remove Moles? Which Type of Doctor is Best?

A: Yes, a dermatologist can help you if you are having moles. He can perform laser treatment or surgical excision to help you get rid of it. But make sure you choose a board-certified and highly skilled dermatologist.

Q: Do Dermatologists Remove Cysts?

A: Removing the cyst is a natural part of dermatologist training. So if you are having a cyst then a skincare expert or a dermatologist can help you.

Q: Is it Better to See a Dermatologist or Esthetician? 

A: Depending on your interest and your related skin concern you can choose between these two. If you have skin problems or acne you can visit a dermatologist. Or if you want to improve your aesthetic appearance and want a cosmetic procedure then visit an esthetician.

Q: Is Acne Cosmetic or Medical?

A: If you have mild acne then it is a cosmetic concern, but if the acne is severe and appears on other parts of the body then it can also be a medical concern.

Q: Why Should You see a Dermatologist?

A: People who notice any type of change in their skin texture, or tone or have developed any certain type of skin condition must visit a dermatologist to avoid any complications in the future. 

Q: Which Doctor is Best for Skin Care?

A: A dermatologist is the best doctor who can treat more than 2,000 skin conditions. For your skin care, you should not trust any other doctor than a dermatologist.

Q: What are 5 Things Dermatologists Do?

A: A dermatologist can perform a variety of skin treatments. The top 5 treatment procedures performed by a dermatologist are:

  • Laser treatment
  • Chemical peels, 
  • Cosmetic injections, 
  • Surgical excisions, 
  • Biopsies.

Q: At What Age Should you See a Dermatologist?

A: If you are not having any type of skin condition then you should not visit a dermatologist. An ideal age to visit the skin expert is 25. For maintaining your skin and keeping your skin healthy it is best to visit a dermatologist in the mid ’20s.

Q: Do Dermatologists Help Clear Skin?

A: Yes, the dermatologist can help you get clear skin. The skin expert will examine your skin and will suggest you the treatment according to your skin condition which will help you clear out skin acne or hyperpigmentation from your face. 

Q: How Often Should a Person See a Dermatologist?

A: It is recommended to visit a dermatologist once a year, as in 365 days certain changes can occur in the skin. Sunburn, rashes, and acne can affect our skin. So it is best to see your skin expert to avoid any serious skin problems.