Are you worried due to the wrinkles on your skin?? Are you looking for the ways to get rid of these wrinkles? Well, now you should bury all your worries when Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is here for you. We are providing all latest cosmetic procedure to solve your issues. We are providing Botox Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan to eradicate your wrinkles and fine lines. These injections reveal outstanding results that are no less than a wonder. If you have ever used topical medicines then you should know that it takes several months for any noticeable results. On the other hand, Botox treatment is the procedure that provides immediate results. Now, you can stay young for a long time. When you get this treatment then you will get to know that it helps you to disappear wrinkles and fine lines on an immediate basis.

Is It Only For Women?

You may have worried if this treatment is only for women or also for men. No matter if you are a man or a woman, this treatment is beneficial for both. In fact, the people, who have achieved this treatment, are used to say that they have felt more confident and comfortable after this treatment. They feel more attractive than before. If you want to look younger than your actual age then this treatment is the best option for you.

Are You A Candidate?

This treatment isn’t a rocket science so there are not many limitations for getting it. you are a good candidate for Botox treatment if;

  • You aren’t pregnant.
  • You have fine facial lines and wrinkles, specifically beside the nose, on your forehead, and around your eyes.

Treatment Goals:

The basic goal of getting this treatment is to boost your facial appearance. Another important goal is to eradicate the signs of aging as having wrinkles is the most visible sign of getting aged. In addition to it, you get smooth and rejuvenated skin as a result.


Pre-operative instructions may include;

  • Avoid intake of any kind of blood thinners.
  • Avoid any kind of muscle relaxants, allergy medications, or other medicines for enhancing sleep.
  • Avoid intake of any kind of herbal medicines or supplements.
  • Make use of the medicines that are prescribed by your practitioner.

Treatment Options:

Without any doubt, the treatment is effective for reducing wrinkles and lines. Well, fat injections and injectable fillers are two options through which you may get this treatment.

  • Fat Injections – refers to the extraction of fats from some specific parts of the body to use them for refilling the wrinkles.
  • Injectable Fillers – refers to the Filler injections that are used for creasing the wrinkles and making the skin smoother.

Post-Operative Instructions

It is essential to follow the post-operative instructions to get best and desired results. following are some of the common instructions.

  • Avoid massage of the treated area.
  • Don’t rub or manipulate the treated area for at least 3 hours after the treatment.
  • Don’t lay down for 4 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid heavy activities or workouts for at least 6 hours after the treatment.

Results And Recovery:

You will get outstanding results if you follow the instructions carefully. All of our customers are happy with our services this is the reason that we are the best providers of Botox Injections Cost in Islamabad Pakistan. No downtime is required for the recovery. All you need is to take some care as instructed by your practitioner and that’s it.

Cost of Botox Injection in Islamabad:

As long as it is related to the cost, you need to visit us for the appropriate analysis. The cost varies person to person as different aspects are different in every treatment. It depends on the condition of your skin, the severity of the issue, and your expectations.

Schedule A Consultation:

Still, you have queries in your mind or you want to get the treatment, feel free to visit us. Our experts are always here to serve you with the quality treatments. All you need is to fill the following form and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible. Book your appointment, get our services, and make yourself younger than your actual age. Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is the best stop for your skin treatments.