Face and Neck Laser Hair Removal Cost in Islamabad & Pakistan Price

You should not let unattractive body hair undermine your enthusiasm. Be it mustache, the famed unibrow, hair just above the top lip, or tiny hairs on the face’s cheeks and chin, millions of women experience undesirable hair growth on their faces. Perhaps you’ve attempted plucking, trimming, and waxing to remove facial hair that you don’t want. These procedures can be uncomfortable and traumatic, and the hairs usually come back fully within a short period. We have the best solution for you. The Glamorous clinic is offering the best permanent Hair removal treatment be it for the face or anywhere on the body.

In the blog below you will learn all about the Face and Neck Laser Hair Removal Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan and the factors that impact the cost of the therapy.

Results of the Therapy:

Three to five days following their laser hair removal appointment, most individuals begin losing their hair. Every beam damage the hair roots in the targeted locations. The injured follicles drop the strands they were producing and stop producing new hairs. For the majority of the population, laser therapy lasts a few seasons and perhaps even years. However, complete hair removal is not a certainty with laser treatment. Hair normally grows back thinner and finer in color. For long-term hair elimination, you may require follow-up laser treatments.

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What is the Procedure Like?

Through the use of focused light pulses, this is a non-invasive process that provides hair growth elimination. The radiation from the lasers used in this technique is received by the pigment, or melanin, in the hairs, causing it to be transformed into heat, which harms the hair follicles. Future hair development may be slowed or prevented by this injury. Since only hair follicles that are actively growing will be damaged by laser hair removal, this procedure is frequently done in several appointments. Repeated treatments enhance the procedure’s effectiveness and finally remove all hair permanently from the therapy region.

How is the Laser Therapy Offered at Our Clinic Better?

A series of treatments are required for hair removal using lasers. With each subsequent session, the skin becomes softer and hair-free since each procedure addresses hairs at their most active period of growth, aiding in the destruction of the hair cells.

The laser hair reduction individuals frequently report being delighted with their outcomes after as less as 3–4 sessions, whereas older technologies frequently need 5-7 therapies (or even more). Additionally, we also have a constructed cooling system that immediately releases heat after every pulsation, shielding your skin and maintaining your comfort. Big spot size and rapid pulsing technology enable us to finish each session considerably more quickly.


The average Face and Neck Hair Removal Cost in Islamabad ranges from Rs. ___ to Rs. ____. This varies for each individual as it depends on various cost-affecting factors that are all mentioned below. The skincare specialist considers all these variables when determining the total cost of the therapy.  

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The following factors all play an important role when it comes to determining the cost of the therapy

Technique Used:

There are various kinds of laser technologies that can be used for hair removal purposes. Each type of laser costs different. Therefore the type of lasers used affects the overall cost of the therapy.

Area to be Treated:

If the region being treated is big with dense hair the treatment will cost more as the dermatologist charges according to the size of the area being treated.

Number of Sessions:

Each individual requires a different number of sessions to get the results they desire. For the individuals for whom more sessions will be required, the treatment will cost more for them.

Desired Results:

The individual’s desired and expected results affect the type of laser used, the sessions needed and the equipment required. All these factors affect the overall cost of the treatment.

Doctor’s Qualification:

A dermatologist or a skincare specialist charges according to their expertise, qualification, and experience. The more experienced a doctor will be, the more they will charge for their services.

Clinic Location:

Each clinic charges differently for the treatments they offer. A clinic in a high-end neighborhood will charge higher for the treatments and procedures they offer.

Clinic Level:

The techniques and technologies used by the clinic determine the level of the clinic. a clinic with more advanced technology is more expensive than the other clinic.


The use of anesthesia by the dermatologist also increases the overall price of the therapy.  


If you are looking for an affordable Face and Neck Laser Hair Removal Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan we are the right option for you. Visit our website and learn more about the treatment and our clinic.