Face Laser Hair Removal Price in Islamabad & Pakistan Cost

Hair grows on the facial skin as a consequence of a natural phenomenon called facial growth. All males and females experience it. Males tend to grow facial hair at a rate that is significantly higher than females. While some individuals may like to keep their facial hair, others may prefer to remove it. Hair removal for the face can be done in a variety of methods. Some hair removal techniques, such as waxing, plucking, stripping, tweezers, and others, are just transitory; at most, the hair will begin to return after a few days or a week. Furthermore, certain methods, such as laser hair removal, also eventually remove the hair. The standard laser procedure is utilized to remove dense growth. 

Continue reading to know all about the Face Laser Hair Removal Price in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan and the factors that impact the overall cost. 

Face Laser Hair Removal Results:

No doubt the results found from the procedure of face Laser Hair Removal are astonishing as they bring a glow to your face by removing all the dead cells and excessive hairs that make you look dull as well as become reasonable for acne in some cases. 99% of clients are found satisfied with their results after completing their required number of sessions and admit the permanent removal of hairs from their faces.

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What is Face Laser Hair Removal?

This method of hair removal is long-lasting. The hair that must be eliminated is targeted with such an intense light beam that it destroys the roots of the hair. The hair follicle is the focus of this laser beam’s destruction, which spares the cells around it. The intense heat whenever the pigmentation in the hair absorbs light and transforms it into heat destroys the hair strands. Therefore in manner, the hair follicles are irreparably damaged, and finally, hair growth ceases. Targeted photothermolysis is the name given to this process. Typically, it takes several periods to complete; it simply cannot be accomplished in one session. 

Benefits of the Treatment:

  • The laser also enhances the skin’s flexibility and suppleness.
  • Unwanted growth in the treated region is completely gone.
  • Each session only requires a few minutes to finish.
  • The adjoining skin is not damaged, and the technique is incredibly accurate.
  • The procedure is quite effective and safe to use.
  • It can be applied to all kinds of skin types.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It leaves your skin which is supple, glossy, and flawless.
  • It offers a long-lasting solution.
  • It doesn’t involve any cuts or stitches.
  • The method is suitable for combination skin and does not irritate.
  • It does not produce ingrown hairs as some other hair extraction methods do.
  • The person can continue their regular activities right away; there is little need for a healing time.


The Face Laser Hair Removal Price in Islamabad & Pakistan ranges from PKR 30,000 to PKR 50,000. Several factors impact the overall cost of the therapy. These are all discussed below. The dermatologist determines the estimated cost by considering all these factors. 

Factors Affecting the Price:

The variables that impact the total cost of the treatment are discussed below

Region of Care:

The dermatologist’s fee for the procedure depends on the treated area’s size. The overall cost of the treatment rises due to the huge treatment area.

Treatment Level:

The specialist will fee extra for the laser therapy depending on the clinic’s level. The type of equipment employed and the methods the specialists use to diagnose and treat patients define the facility’s level.

A Specialist’s Expertise:

In comparison to dermatologists with less expertise, one with higher education, expertise, and skill will charge more for therapies.

Clinical Setting:

The entire cost of the services offered is influenced by the clinic’s location. A clinic located in an upscale neighborhood will cost higher prices for laser therapy than a clinic situated in a less expensive neighborhood.

Sessions Count:

A higher number of appointments is more expensive than a lower number of sessions when it comes to getting the desired results.

Expected Outcomes:

The approach employed, the number of treatments needed, and the device(s) used are all determined by the intended result of the therapy, which has an impact on the cost appropriately.

Why Choose Us?

Some of Pakistan’s top dermatologists and skin care experts work at The Glamorous Clinic. To ensure the intended results, they employ the newest, safest methods and technologies. They provide detailed diagnostics, and based on the findings, they offer the clinic’s patients the most efficient therapies. Following a thorough examination, the hair removal procedure is also tailored to the patient’s skin type and state of health. The clinic’s skilled personnel makes sure that clients and patients feel at ease and happy throughout the procedure. Patient care is our top priority, thus we keep following all Covid 19 recommendations to the letter.


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