Best Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women in Islamabad, Pakistan Cost


Laser  Hair Removal is a medical process that consumes a concentrated beam of laser to get rid of excess hair with a very convenient and cheap procedure and a very good thing is that it is pain-free. This treatment is quite reasonable and pain-free. It will build up your confidence. This treatment has no side effects and its healing time is so fast and less. It is the most well-known and popular method of shaving and waxing, especially to save time

What is the Process:

Women & Men’s Laser Hair Removal has become the best cosmetic process performed in Islamabad. Just before the process, you may be given the choice to have a topical anesthetic that helps you reduce any discomfort meanwhile the process. It is used for 20-30 minutes before the laser hair removal procedure and is recommended for very sensitive body areas such as the underarm area and the bikini lines as well as for male body parts. During the procedure, pulses of light are directed at the treatment area and the laser process can change from a few minutes to hours depending on the area under the treatment. Once after the process, you may be given anti-inflammatory creams, lotion, or ice to get rid of any discomfort. It is common to have some redness and warmth over the skin after a few hours. This has been explained as a feeling such as a lenient sunburn, that can be relieved by cold compresses and moisturizer.

What is the Result:

With the treatment, you will get relief from your unwanted hair permanently. As this is a sensitive procedure you should choose an expert doctor. Your final outcomes will be visible after 5 to 6 sessions. 

Best laser hair removal for men and women Clinic in Islamabad laser hair removal for men and women in RAWALPINDI laser hair removal for men and women in ISLAMABAD

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Who is the Perfect Candidate?

Both men and women are good candidates for this type of treatment. However, the best candidates for laser treatment are those who have pastel, faded skin and dark hair. The difference between dark hair and faded skin allows the tegument to be easily attacked. Blond and fine hair cannot be detected or attacked easily and therefore, cannot be removed by this method.

After Care:

After receiving the treatment you may feel a lenient sunburn, which can be relieved by cold compresses and moisturizers. Over the next month, sunscreen may be suggested for sun-expected areas, and try to keep away from the sunlight as much as possible.

What is the Cost?

The cost for the Laser Hair Removal For Men And Women in Islamabad Glamorous Clinic range from 9,999.

The cost factor depends on various factors like the location of the clinic, services at the clinic, condition of the clinic, level of the doctor, and type of treatment. The final fee for the treatment will be given by the doctor on the first consultation. 


  • Laser hair removal is pain-free
  • You have to be patient
  • The therapy may not work on faded, light hair
  • It works on all types of skin tones
  • You need to get off some medication
  • This treatment is quite fast
  • You cannot wax or pluck your hair

Side Effects:

It is common to have some irritation and discomfort over the skin after a few hours which will recover soon. 

Why Glamorous Clinic?

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